Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Old House

Well, today started out holding a lot of promises:  A divisional championship; which was ripped from our (Chicago Bears) hands because the other team was hungrier for it and played like it.  A Sunday filled with normalcy; which was abruptly halted by our 85+ year old plumbing system.  Oh yes, the joys of home ownership.  So here it is, 7:30 pm and we still do not have the ability to use our drains.  Hubby and baby bro (our family's Bob Villa) have had a lengthy conversation on how to fix this issue.  Me, well I know when to be a spectator and when not to...this was the not to.

I finished 2 books this weekend.  Now I know that sounds like it is an amazing feat, but truthfully the second book was only 200 pages and the first barely 300.  I did start reading Sherlock Holmes The Hound of  the Baskervilles, and surprisingly I find myself enjoying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writing style as well as the character of Sherlock.  He cracks me up, of course it helps that I can picture Robert Downey Jr. as I'm reading. :)

I am at T minus  12 days and counting for my trip to Isreal.  I am starting to get excited more and more each day.  I hope that I am able to meet the expectations of my work.  As well as have an opportunity to see some of the Holy Land.  I know that I shouldn't expect this, as it is not the purpose of the trip, but I am putting the whole trip and all that it has to offer into God's hands.  After all, he has gotten me this far.

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