Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Disclaimer:  This is from my heart - judge not.

I really need to say this, Facebook is one of the greatest modern inventions.  Now, it isn't that it keeps me occupied, well, I guess there is that, but more because I keep up.  I know you are thinking, wait wasn't she just talking about this the other day, and the answer is yes.  However, here is what I mean.  I was blessed with reuniting, if you will, with an old high school friend last winter.  (I'm not giving names)  She and I were really close our freshman and sophomore years; which was a huge thing for me as I transferred in from a really really small school to one that was, well, really really big!  Anyway, she and I reunited on FB.  We spent a lot of time just getting to know each other as adults. Some time later I was invited to a girls night out and met up with a bunch of other girls from high school (the group that always hung out together).

Here is the thing, we weren't all that close then. (Meaning me and them not them and them!) Oh, I mean we hung out from time to time, but I was always on the outside seeing as how I didn't "grow-up" with them.  However, that is all in the past.  There are things that a person learns as they get older and that dear readers is this: no one is who they were.  What I mean is that you spend those formative years doing just that, forming yourself.  This is done by peer pressure and local society, but it isn't until you grow up and get out to the real world where your identity is really formed.  It is as if the seed that was planted in youth is finally nurtured enough to blossom.

My point is this, these ladies, and again kudos to FB's group chat, are amazing.  We come from all walks off life.  Some of us have degrees, some more than one, some none at all.  Some are entrepreneurs, some just go with the flow.  Some are married, some are not.  Some have children, some do not.  Despite all this we are all each uniquely ourselves.  I still sit on the outside and watch the conversation string by at times, but then there are days, like today, when one says something that is almost verbatim to how I feel and I get this strong feeling of camaraderie.   It isn't that they "get" what I am saying so much as they can empathize and myself in return.

So, for that, I want to say, I am who I am.  I am past having to explain myself to make friends or to have others accept me.  I'm firm in my me-ness.  (I do have another tangent to this though and I will share that another time.) So, for those of you who happen upon this.  Look at those you have the honor of sharing yourself with emotionally and mentally; think of all the things they bring to your life and all that you bring to theirs.  I can't happen but to smile right now for the simplicity of an instant message that carried with it a profound sense of meaning and joy.  Thank you my dear friends.

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