Thursday, July 23, 2015

Writing 101

Almost 3 years ago I started a 30 day challenge and then my life turned upside down.  In those subsequent months I found words and strength and advice that I know only came from the good Lord above.  That said, a few days ago I came across a blog (I dearly love blogs) that detailed a woman's journey to finding her inner writer, her desire to become one.  I took notes, as I am often apt to do, and from there decided that I too, would start on this journey to become a writer.  After all, wasn't it Lao Tzo that said, "A journey starts with a single step" or in this case a single word?!

To share what I read/learnt:
1. Make a goal. Umm, hello, as with all things in life this is a good start.
2. Try out your goal before committing.  Ok, I'm a runner.  Or at least I was until, well, other things deterred me from it, but I am.  I am a runner.  One of the biggest things with running is that you have to...let me stress this...HAVE TO make a goal, a commitment if you will, to run.  You have to decide that no matter what you are going to complete 'X' number of miles each day in order to meet  your goal.  This is the same with writing.  You have to commit to a goal.  I.E. I will write (type) 500 words per day.
3. Set a start date and STICK to it!  Alright, in order to get good at something you have to start, right?  And what is the worst thing for beginning something?  That's also right, procrastination.  Find a date.  Any date.  STICK with it!  This isn't a diet, there aren't any re-dos or cheat days!  (It's ok, you'll learn to forgive yourself.)
4. Learn to use tools & technology  like a boss.  Truth is, I don't do technology.  In fact, you tube videos seems to be the way of things in place of written blogs.  I have only created one video of myself; demonstrating make-up.  I think I will stick with this medium when it comes to sharing thoughts/feelings/and general randomness that comes from my brain.
5. Create an idea list. Alright folks, I don't have one.  I did a few years back. I had a whole list of things that I wanted to talk about.  However, as with all things in life, I changed, as well my ideas, my thoughts, my  passions, well, everything.  I am still working on this list of ideas.  I want it to be grand; however, it will be what it is. 
6. Learn to walk away from a piece.  - Ok TRUTH time... I am one of those people that feel that once I committed words to my keyboard they have to be saved. I know, completely insane.  I mean, after all, I have submitted several papers during my college tenure that undoubtedly resulted in me erasing a sentence or page or two, just saying. I struggle with this when it comes to this blog.  I think that once I start writing I need to keep writing and then share with you.  I am sorry!!!
7. Realize that no one has to see your first draft. - OK I excel at this.  If I published everything I wrote you would all walk away.  It is quite frightful what the mind, then the fingers, can type when left to their own wondering vises.
8. You have to work the work.  So apparently when I write I have to actually work at it.  Who knew?!  I mean, writing and thinking and completing and doing get the picture. Sheesh...everyone is a critic!!!!
9.  You have to decide that your stories and your words are important. - Alright, truth hear.  No, I mean an epic level of truth.  I thought my words only meant something when I was growing, when I was going through something that was life changing and personal development worthy, but I think I know that is not entirely the truth.  In fact, I think there is a lot of "story" left in the days that are controlled by living, by doing the mundane and stepping forward, diligently in the onward direction.  Not everyone is going to understand where you are or where you have been.  Not everyone is going to think you are witty or funny or worth their precious 5 minutes.  And that is ok!  Seriously!  You have to write for you, and I promise, when you do, you will have a calm in your being like you have never had before.

There you have it people.  I have decided to embark on a goal that involves much more than just thought, it involves me making something concrete of those thoughts.  While I am certain, as with all things, there will be set backs with this goal, I will continue to do my best to bring my words to life.

With much love and God's biggest blessings,