Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hopeless Romantic

So, this weekend I've read yet another romance novel and am half way through another.  What can I say, I am hopelessly addicted.  Perhaps it isn't so much the process of reading that I am addicted to, but rather, the words.  It amazes me that so many different authors have such an amazing way with words.  I get rather saddened when I reach the end of a book and find that there is no epilogue, or when there is, it hasn't answered all the questions I have about the characters.  I understand that a book, such as life itself, cannot go on forever, and that as a work of fiction it truly is just an outline that has been expanded upon. 

Perhaps this pull towards these books is merely a yearning that all girls have for a Cinderella-esque love story of their own.  Could you imagine what life would be like if every person was able to have this same story book experience?  Well, outside the sheer logistical impossibility of it all, I think this world could be a happy place.  However, we can't all marry rich business tycoons, doctors, lawyers, sheiks, cowboys, princes, covert ops specialists, and any other brevy of romanticized self sufficient ,yet love starved for the right woman, man.  After all, this IS Kansas, Toto.

That brings me to a line in a movie I recently watched; which, it itself, was a book to start.  It went something like this:  "The words what and if by themselves are nothing but simple words.  But when put together, they are so much more."  That is so very very true.  What...If, what if...truly they are the most dangerous.  They have the ability to turn your brain against itself.  They have the ability to make you lose sight of what is.  And, what is, in the case of this writer, is happiness that is Cinderella-esque, in the way that only it can be.

No, no knight in shining armor, no fat bank roll, no exclusive vacations or sprawling mountainess lands needing tamed, but the comfort of a love that is nearly ten years in the making and each day being wrote anew.  The comfort of having the one person who despite who you are, loves you anyway.  The comfort of being able to be the person you are without regret.  The comfort of being safe, profoundly so.

To that I say, what if...What if my life was none of what I have now?  I should think I would be lonely, sad and miserable.  But alas, I am none of those things because my prince is right where I need him to be; here with me.

I love being a romantic

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