Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Wouldn't Call This a Roll

So here I am, day 2.  I need to let you know that I was anxiously awaiting this evening so I could begin to type away at my keyboard.  There is this quasi-euphoric feeling I have in delivering this to the unknown masses, of at least one.

I initially propositioned this blog as being a chronicle of sorts for my reading escapades.  However, I feel that I may have to mutate that original concept.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I really do read too much, and I probably will share with you a thing or two about a book or two, but I have something I think to be exceedingly interesting to talk about.  You see, I posted on my FB account for some insight into the world of bloggerdom and I received such an amazing reply from my friends that perhaps I will make this more about:

1) My family  -  thanks to E, M & L
2) My hobbies/interests - thanks to A, N, J & K
3) Myself (Vainness.  Yes it is a horrid character trait, but alas we all, at times, express it!) - thanks to S, K, J & M
Disclaimer:  If I forgot your initial in this listing, please note it was not intentional, I simply did not open another browser to reread everyone's advice.

I am not one with a lot of philosophical prose, nor do I have a great understanding of all things theological, political or (enter another -cal word here).  What I do have is a great ability to share exactly how I feel and think.  For those who may not know; I often fail to apply a filter when I speak.  This is both a character trait and flaw.  It is a trait because you never have to wonder what I am thinking, as it will be said.  It is a flaw because, well, there are times when I person should NOT know what another is truly thinking!

Before I bid this post adieu, I will share that I am currently reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin on my Kindle.  I have never read an autobiography or a biography for that matter, but felt pulled to this one.  I recommend this to everyone.  It is not a fast read.  In fact I am only 1/2 way through it after 2 evenings(snail's pace for me), but the way he writes it I can see the settings in my mind's eye and feel the era.  Ok, so I am prone to fancy, but it is what it is. 

So, with that, g'night.

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