Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Ramblings of a Busy Mind

So, it has been a few days.  I can't say that I haven't thought to write, but there never seemed to be a direct topic to discuss.  Then I got to thinking, do I always have to have a direct topic to cover?  Can not the things I am thinking be enough?  Well, of course they can, this is after all, my blog; which, covers all aspects of my frame of reference.

I started school this week.  Yes semester ### of ###.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be done.  I will probably be graduating college with my oldest daughter at this rate, but even if I do, that means that she too will have accomplished an amazing goal and something that her father and I hope for her.  I have Operations Management and Business and Professional Speaking.  I much prefer the later of the two courses, but know that both are requirements for this degree.  I am still contemplating minors in English and Creative Writing.  The former of which I only need 2 more classes to obtain and the later 3.  So they aren't that far out of reach.  But, since they are not covered under my reimbursement policy, which thankfully I'm grandfathered into, then I don't think I will be signing up too soon.

I'm getting scared, nervous, anxious, giddy, excited, and a slew of other feelings about my upcoming business trip.  I am still in awe of the opportunity.  I mean, all I did was my job.  Is it wrong to love what I do?  Now, granted, there are things that I dislike, such as, office politics and people with a superiority complex, but all industries have those, right?  I have a problem with the way that I react to it all, as recently relayed to me by my boss - yes this is a common conversation.  I, ummm, how should I say this, don't handle stupid well, at all.  Period.  End of Sentence.  As they say, "you can't fix stupid," and boy was that person ever telling the truth!  I will not proclaim to know everything about everything, but seriously, when I actually do know, and you don't, please, kindly take yourself and your attitude to another cubical or we are going to have issues.  Whew...I feel so much better!

I'm currently reading a mystery/romance.  I have mixed feelings about it so far.  I have downloaded another 9 free classics off of Amazon to my Kindle.  One of these days I may actually start to read them.  I do have intentions, honestly, but man do I love dime store romances - especially when they are free! (A group of us at work shares these back and forth.)  Which, brings me to the last of my ramblings, oh, I have a lot more I could say, but since I'm not trying to write a novel, I will save these thoughts for another time.  :)

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