Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little of This; A Little of That

There always seems to be a million things to type, when I'm not in a position to do so.  i wonder what would happen if I were to make several posts a day?  Would I be spamming myself?  Would I be letting on that my mind is never at ease, that it is always in a constant flux?  Would this revelation be for the benefit of myself or perhaps that of a stranger passer-by?

I had such high hopes for this weekend.  Grand ideas of perfection which I carefully weaved in a story-book-esque manner for myself.  However, real life, in no way shape or form, ever plays itself out in that manner.  Granted, there are some days that are better than others, some in which you never want them to end because they are the glittering hope of idealism made whole. 

i get myself in a mental state at times, one in which I wish I was still on Zoloft, where I can not think of anything past the confinements I place on myself.  These are the times that I get so tired.  I want to do nothing but sleep, and my body wants to do nothing but acquiesce.  That was this past Friday.  What may you ask could be so bad that I'd be this overcome.   Ah, but my dear reader, if I had the answer, the puzzle would no longer need to be thought out.  I have theories, and they all, sound like I want them to; which may, or may not, resemble the truth of what it really is.

However, what I can depart as a truth, as I know it to be wholly so, is that I am overwhelmed.  I am overwhelmed by the things that my heart wants me to do and the things that I have to do.  Such as, my degree.  My passion is not in my current pursuit, but I am not a quitter and I will give it all that I have.  It  has/is wearing me out.  I am tired.  My days blur and I cannot find a beginning and an end.  I am exhausted and yet exhilarated by the possibility of completing my schooling.

That brings me to one final thought for this post, what is God's will for my life?  What path is He wanting me to go down?  Where will He take me?  Have I already missed out on what it is that He would have for my life, due to the pursuit of other things?  I just know that no matter what, I want to be welcomed home with opened arms and be told; "Well done good and faithful servant."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Art of Understanding

An ancient Chinese Proverb (as if they aren't all ancient) says; "Seek to understand before seeking to be understood."  I wonder what this world, myself definitely included, would be like if this principle was applied to daily life?  Would there be less strife and anger?  Would there be less hatred and murder?  I heard in church tonight that 11 police officers have been killed in the line of duty in the past 24 hours!  11!  WOW!  Could those have been avoided with some understanding?  Nah, this one probably needs to go into the morality bucket, or rather the lack of.  Sometimes I really wonder about people.  There is no value in human life.  It is a given.  Like as if there wasn't any part to it other than science.   Yet science still, despite prattling off a bunch of facts, cannot account for how science itself began.  Ah the mysteries of the universe.  Yep, you know me - it is what it is and God created it all - that is enough for me.

I am less than 9 days from my first flight towards Israel.  It seems so far away and yet so close at the same time.  I was told today, also at church, by a dear friend that she has been praying for my trip.  That touched my heart in untold ways.  Doesn't it always feel good to know that you are being prayed for?  Its like knowing someone has a vested interest in your life.  That you aren't simply just matter taking up space.  Can I admit that I am still a little scared that something isn't going to work out, that next Friday I'm going to get a call (or sooner) saying ha ha ha the joke is on you?  I hate being so negative minded, but it is always there.  Then, I think of the journey I have taken that has gotten me to this point; each painful and exuberant step.  God was there.  He opened doors that I never could on my own; He kept doors open that should have been slammed in my face; He closed doors that I inwardly begged not to close.  He did it all.  HE DID IT ALL!

So, with that, I leave you with a link, or two, to the place I will be traveling to.  Yes, its ok to cry when you look at the pictures, I do...because my Jesus walked there, though now lives in my heart.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Joy of Everyday Life

I'm the type of person that constantly has to be doing something.  Be it, at home, at work or elsewhere.  I like to stay occupied.  Perhaps I am ADHD or I suffer from extreme bouts of boredom, who knows really?  For instance, this moment, I'm typing away at the keyboard, I have the balance of my homework to read, the dishes to finish, a scrapbook layout I want to start and at least another couple of chapters in the Hound of the Baskervilles I want to read.  All this and beddy-by no later than 9pm (T minus 3.5 hours and counting.)  So, again, is this a short attention span, a case of "I can't stand to do the same thing for long periods of time without the option to break up the monotony of it'" or a great example of multi-tasking?   I think I will go with the later as it gives me the appearance of effective use of time.

There are days that I just want to rant, to point out all the things that rub me the wrong way about other people.  In fact there are times when these types of thoughts and moments dominate my day.  I tend to feel this way about a singular individual, rather a singular household.  I look and see where constant portrayal of facts does not mirror image the actuality of them.  These things burn my butt!  It is almost as if the act of gaining attention or pity supersedes the person's ability to think.  Then, in retrospect, I realize that God has yet again, shown me another Bible story.  I truly love practical application, even if it is a lesson that gets taught time and again.

Lesson 1: Matthew 7:3
“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?
  • I have issues of my own.  I am not a perfect example of a Christian.  That is why God is continually working on me.  Who am I to be someone else's judge, when truly God is the one who will make that ultimate decision.
Lesson 2: John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
  • God so loved the WORLD.  Not just me, but everyone; that is why He sent His Son!  It is my responsibility as a child of His to reach those who do not know about His love.  I can't reach the lost when I have a plank in my eye! 

Lesson 3: Luke 16:13
“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.”
  • Last, but certainly not least, this humbling truth.  The plank I have, is focused on their "money" speck.  Pure and simple.  Green. Money vs. envy.  Perhaps they don't have the love of the Lord in their hearts because they have the love of money their instead.  I can't prove the motives of their heart, but what I can do is love them the way that Christ loves them and hope in turn, this plank will back its way out.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Old House

Well, today started out holding a lot of promises:  A divisional championship; which was ripped from our (Chicago Bears) hands because the other team was hungrier for it and played like it.  A Sunday filled with normalcy; which was abruptly halted by our 85+ year old plumbing system.  Oh yes, the joys of home ownership.  So here it is, 7:30 pm and we still do not have the ability to use our drains.  Hubby and baby bro (our family's Bob Villa) have had a lengthy conversation on how to fix this issue.  Me, well I know when to be a spectator and when not to...this was the not to.

I finished 2 books this weekend.  Now I know that sounds like it is an amazing feat, but truthfully the second book was only 200 pages and the first barely 300.  I did start reading Sherlock Holmes The Hound of  the Baskervilles, and surprisingly I find myself enjoying Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writing style as well as the character of Sherlock.  He cracks me up, of course it helps that I can picture Robert Downey Jr. as I'm reading. :)

I am at T minus  12 days and counting for my trip to Isreal.  I am starting to get excited more and more each day.  I hope that I am able to meet the expectations of my work.  As well as have an opportunity to see some of the Holy Land.  I know that I shouldn't expect this, as it is not the purpose of the trip, but I am putting the whole trip and all that it has to offer into God's hands.  After all, he has gotten me this far.

Oh yeah, check out:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why is Whit Always at His End?

Ok, so 10 hours at work followed by tons of HW intertwined with house work, followed by more work on the church website, followed by my need to type.  For all this I am at my whits end.  Is it too much to ask for to have good, focused help?  It really makes me wonder why more people can't be multitasking, focused, follow-thru oriented people.  Then I realize, we are all made in the image of God.  That each and every one of us are created for a purpose by a loving and caring God.  He designed us with our own abilities in which we can serve Him and reach the lost.  Though this revelation is too late in the coming and the stress induced night I am in the process of bidding good-bye to is ending it is a fact none the less.

I do often wonder, what this world would be like if more people were like I wanted them to be.  In my head it seems idyllic almost dreamlike.  Then the reality of it, is well, boring.  Me, I'm not much of a fun one to be around.  Especially when I am in multi-task mode.  Trust me on this!  Well, if you need a second opinion ask the folks I work with.  (I get crabby!)  After all, who am I to expect exactness and clone likeness out of people?  God didn't even expect that and He created us all.  He gave us our personalities and our choices.  This yet again reaffirms my understanding of my littleness in the presence of His bigness.  This isn't meant to be a negative, but an awe-inspiring greatness!

These small tidbits of truth oftentimes get lost in my over exaggerated perception of circumstances.  Life really is just a compilation of events, supported by circumstances.  These things are all at once developing our character.  I wonder how long God will need to work on me before He is proud of me.  You know I do have this desire for Him to welcome me home with out stretched arms, while saying' "Well done good and faithful servant."  Yet, I think daily, He looks down and says to Himself, man that one sure is going to take a lot more work.

So as Whit and I sit here, we wish to you all, a good end.  Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Can't Fix Stupid

If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times before, you simply just can NOT fix stupid.  However, today, this applies directly to me.  How, you may ask, well simple I am not website creator!  I don't get it.  It is Greek, Latin, Russian, Swahili, and all those other impossible to understand languages rolled into one string of funky characters with intermittent words.   Which is why I have failed, yet again, in the attempt to make a functioning website for my church.  Praise the Lord for my extremely intelligent tech savvy best friend, Sarah, who can create websites, (she does this for a living!) and her amazing ability to be patient with me.  Still, with all of that, I found myself in tears many times tonight attempting to figure it all out. 

This all of course seems odd, considering what I do for a living.  As a systems administrator one would think that I have the ability to understand all the geek speak that goes into creating one.!  Don't get me wrong, I can use systems.  For instance, the web, this is a fascinating compilation of other people's hard work and I can use it!  I know, doesn't quite make it better, now does it?  It is amazing how I can see a DB and know what to do to get the data where it needs to be, or get it in a manageable format for someone, or troubleshoot what is broken, but I haven't the foggiest as to how to build it.

Anyway, here it is Tuesday night and I have a paper due by 6pm on Thursday, not to mention 2 chapters in the text book (yeah, the one I have yet to buy) and 2 magazine/journal articles to read prior to lecture.  This all for a class that I could really care less to be taking.  That of course, doesn't mean that I won't try to do well, it just means that I don't understand it.  I get really agitated when I don't understand something.  In fact, I get overly emotional and I take the hands off approach.  In the end, though I procrastinate, I do turn the work in and I do read the required materials.

Sometimes, alright, most times, I wonder what degree I would get if I where to get a degree in something that I love doing.  Again, this is where I need to put my trust in the Lord.  He does have a plan for my life, I am sure of that; I just really hate the wait. - But it is through this that He is building my character; I guess mine really needs some work!

Monday, January 17, 2011

This Seems Endless

I'm reading a new book.  I know, I know...surprise, surprise.  It isn't that I don't long to do other things with my day, I mean after all, when I got home from an 11 hour day at work hubby and I talked...ok, so we said a couple of sentences.  The girls and I spent time together and then we all cleaned the kitchen and cooked dinner.  Now that the girls are getting ready for bed, here I sit tapping away with the vaguest of ideas as to what I will talk about!

I am happy to say that this calorie counting thing has took a turn for the positive.  I have lost 2 pounds since last Monday when I last weighed in.  Two stinking pounds!  Yes that is one...two... not exactly what I was looking for.  Especially since I feel like I have all but starved myself for a week straight.  No, really I can't say that.  I have read product labels, measured out portion sizes, consumed enough water to make a fish envious and still only 2 pounds.  Yes, they say that is good.  I had hopes of starting up with the Wii fit this week.  Alas, the silly thing is broke.  Hubby thinks it is the reader.  I don't know, all I know is that it isn't functioning and I am now starting phase two later than anticipated.

Which brings me to my book.  Another love story and yet another one with the main background being centered around food.  I think I am a glutton for punishment, pardon the pun!  I try each year to make new strides in the weight loss arena.  However, I have been plagues with this "weight" thing since birth and frankly, 3 children didn't help the matter!  Now, I'm not in the least bit regretting them, just my penchant for loving food.  I wonder how it is that Marilyn Monroe could toot this size and everyone gushed, women these days do and it is nothing but finger pointing.  (Yes, most of that is while staring at oneself in the mirror.)  I would like to boycott clothing manufacturers too.  Seriously, if I am big enough to wear this size, please think to put in the extra material required to make the clothing look right! 

Anyway, in the end, it is what it is.  I will continue, as long as my will power holds up, to count those blasted calories.  (Thank you to for making this easier!)  So here's to reduced calorie, reduced fat, reduced cholesterol, reduced flavor, and hopefully in a couple of month's time a reduced size!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Boredom is a Dangerous Place for an Unstable Mind

So today my boys beat the SeaHawks!  Super sweet.  Next we play the Pack.  I truly hope we win.  If we play like we did the first half of today's game there shouldn't be much of an issue.  However, something tells me the game will be a blood bath.

I finished the book I talked about yesterday and am half way through another.  What can I say, I'm addicted to books.  Which brings me to what my mind keeps going to.  Today the message was on seeing people the way that God sees them.  That all people are the same in his eyes; poor and rich alike.  All people have the potential to be what God has designed them to be.  That stray thought came into my head again about writing.  Is this something that I am truly good at?  I mean I really would like to get a degree in English, even if I only take it as a minor.  Is this my passion?  Is this my talent?  Is this the tool in which God will use me to fulfill His will for my life?  I know my spiritual gifts are teaching and knowledge.  Do you have to be in a classroom setting to actually teach someone something?  Do I have to be in a classroom to gain true knowledge?  What degree does the Lord want me to get? 

As you can see I end up with more questions for my life than I do answers.  I long to have answers.  I long to have guidance.  I pray for the Lord to give me the desire to want to love Him more, the desire to simply want to want Him more.  He does repeatedly tell me that I need to spend more time with Him.  Yet, I find myself constantly drawn to everything else but.  I suppose the answer to all of my aforementioned questions lies in the answer I just gave.  I have no doubt that he will shape this vessel; after all, He has made the promise:  "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11 

So as I sit here and contemplate all the things that I am not, long for all the things that I think it would be cool to be, and all the opportunities I long to have, I realize that I am where I am because this is where I am at.  Sounds distinctly circular in reasoning, I know, but sometimes, life has a way of coming around itself when the focus is taken off what it is not.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Ramblings of a Busy Mind

So, it has been a few days.  I can't say that I haven't thought to write, but there never seemed to be a direct topic to discuss.  Then I got to thinking, do I always have to have a direct topic to cover?  Can not the things I am thinking be enough?  Well, of course they can, this is after all, my blog; which, covers all aspects of my frame of reference.

I started school this week.  Yes semester ### of ###.  Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be done.  I will probably be graduating college with my oldest daughter at this rate, but even if I do, that means that she too will have accomplished an amazing goal and something that her father and I hope for her.  I have Operations Management and Business and Professional Speaking.  I much prefer the later of the two courses, but know that both are requirements for this degree.  I am still contemplating minors in English and Creative Writing.  The former of which I only need 2 more classes to obtain and the later 3.  So they aren't that far out of reach.  But, since they are not covered under my reimbursement policy, which thankfully I'm grandfathered into, then I don't think I will be signing up too soon.

I'm getting scared, nervous, anxious, giddy, excited, and a slew of other feelings about my upcoming business trip.  I am still in awe of the opportunity.  I mean, all I did was my job.  Is it wrong to love what I do?  Now, granted, there are things that I dislike, such as, office politics and people with a superiority complex, but all industries have those, right?  I have a problem with the way that I react to it all, as recently relayed to me by my boss - yes this is a common conversation.  I, ummm, how should I say this, don't handle stupid well, at all.  Period.  End of Sentence.  As they say, "you can't fix stupid," and boy was that person ever telling the truth!  I will not proclaim to know everything about everything, but seriously, when I actually do know, and you don't, please, kindly take yourself and your attitude to another cubical or we are going to have issues.  Whew...I feel so much better!

I'm currently reading a mystery/romance.  I have mixed feelings about it so far.  I have downloaded another 9 free classics off of Amazon to my Kindle.  One of these days I may actually start to read them.  I do have intentions, honestly, but man do I love dime store romances - especially when they are free! (A group of us at work shares these back and forth.)  Which, brings me to the last of my ramblings, oh, I have a lot more I could say, but since I'm not trying to write a novel, I will save these thoughts for another time.  :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inspired by Fiction

I just finished an amazing book.  It is called: Stuck in the Middle.  It is about the life of a middle sister.  I found it on the free download list for the Kindle and thought I would give it a go.  Oh My!  This was a super super fast read and worth the couple of hours it took to finish it.  I thought it was going to be a romance, seeing as how that was the search criteria I had entered, but it was so much more than that.  In fact, it wasn't much of a romance at all.  Granted it had its moments, but I was so much happier in the way the book developed.  There are times in my life that I feel like the main character, Joan.  It is funny that seeing the way the Lord works through people seems to be a draw to me, as it was for Joan, and yet I struggle to see how He works in my life, much the same as her. 

I guess what I am trying to say, is though this was a true work of fiction, the author definately had a way of creating her charaters and making them so true to life.  It left me with no doubt that she wrote this book with the Lord as her guiding light.  Oh how I yearn to do something like that for the Lord.  I long to be used by Him for His good.  Sadly, I am just me.  There is nothing much for me to offer.  Unless of course telling someone exactly how you see it can be used for the greater good.

I know that my spiritual gifts are Teaching and then Knowledge.  I know also that talents are not the same as gifts, but can be used in conjunction with them.  I just wonder, what my true talents are.  You know, like some people can draw, some can sing, some can design, some can build, and I could go on and on and on, but alas, I will still be left with a huge question mark. 

Can the things we enjoy be considered talents?  No, I don't think so.  i think a talent would be one of those things that you excel at and others recognize in you.  Me, i don't have those.  I think I will stop this train of thought as no one likes a pity party and this is in no way getting me closer to what it is I am trying to convey.

So, anyway, this book was a true inspiration.  I pray that the Lord can use me for something as He clearly did this author. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hopeless Romantic

So, this weekend I've read yet another romance novel and am half way through another.  What can I say, I am hopelessly addicted.  Perhaps it isn't so much the process of reading that I am addicted to, but rather, the words.  It amazes me that so many different authors have such an amazing way with words.  I get rather saddened when I reach the end of a book and find that there is no epilogue, or when there is, it hasn't answered all the questions I have about the characters.  I understand that a book, such as life itself, cannot go on forever, and that as a work of fiction it truly is just an outline that has been expanded upon. 

Perhaps this pull towards these books is merely a yearning that all girls have for a Cinderella-esque love story of their own.  Could you imagine what life would be like if every person was able to have this same story book experience?  Well, outside the sheer logistical impossibility of it all, I think this world could be a happy place.  However, we can't all marry rich business tycoons, doctors, lawyers, sheiks, cowboys, princes, covert ops specialists, and any other brevy of romanticized self sufficient ,yet love starved for the right woman, man.  After all, this IS Kansas, Toto.

That brings me to a line in a movie I recently watched; which, it itself, was a book to start.  It went something like this:  "The words what and if by themselves are nothing but simple words.  But when put together, they are so much more."  That is so very very true.  What...If, what if...truly they are the most dangerous.  They have the ability to turn your brain against itself.  They have the ability to make you lose sight of what is.  And, what is, in the case of this writer, is happiness that is Cinderella-esque, in the way that only it can be.

No, no knight in shining armor, no fat bank roll, no exclusive vacations or sprawling mountainess lands needing tamed, but the comfort of a love that is nearly ten years in the making and each day being wrote anew.  The comfort of having the one person who despite who you are, loves you anyway.  The comfort of being able to be the person you are without regret.  The comfort of being safe, profoundly so.

To that I say, what if...What if my life was none of what I have now?  I should think I would be lonely, sad and miserable.  But alas, I am none of those things because my prince is right where I need him to be; here with me.

I love being a romantic

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Complexity needs Guidance

This will be short and possibly sweet.

People never cease to amaze me.  In particular the ones who, in one sitting tear another to pieces with words regarding a situation and lead you to a path of belief in as many steps, then turn around and ooze a false compassion for the spotlight.  It makes my wonder really, how beyond pathetic their life must be, that they feel the need to create this air of superiority for attention. 

Another thing that is truly frustrating is the amount of time that is wasted in the desire to rectify a wrong that was never created from the receiving end.  Perhaps there are things that need nothing but the ability to type them out.  However, how long does arms length need to be to gain the focus?  How often is the other cheek turned.  I know that as a Christian I am commanded to forgive 7x7.  Yet, I wonder, in all the inherent bend towards the human nature, the ability to gain the strength to do so is attained. 

Then I remember, God sent His son for this purpose alone.  That He be my strength, through my acceptance of Him.  For this, I am not to accept the action of the person, but to love the person as God does.  We are not called to be doormats, yet to lead the lost to the point where they will "ask and the door will be opened." 

In this, I ask for the forgiveness of the thoughts that came from my anger in the aforementioned issue, and subsequently pray that the love of the Lord will shine through upon any future meetings.

Only by His strength.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Deflated, Thankful and Inquisitive

Have  you ever gotten so excited about something, or had something to say, that you felt was immensely profound, and right when you get to the moment of release - nothing happens?  This nothingness that comes on because: 1) you weren't fast enough to begin the conversation, 2) someone else was quicker to cut the other person off mid sentence to get their two cents in, 3) you decided that perhaps it wasn't so profound due to the new direction the initial conversation is going?  Yep, I'm deflated.  Which, happens more often than I care to admit.  Now I know I shared with you my ability to speak what I think - yeah, that is true, BUT it comes only when the opportunity strikes.  And, well, this evening was not my turn.

Regardless, I had an insightful day and need to get it off my chest.  First, nothing brings more clarity to life than having someone listen to you.  So there I was driving to class this afternoon and talking to my grandma, who is the most AMAZING grandma in the world (bias not included!), and mid conversation I realized that I have this great list of things in life in which I am beyond thankful for.  For instance:  1) I have a great husband and 3 beautiful girls 2) I have a job that I love going to everyday 3) I have a degree and the opportunity to earn another one 4) I have a great family - these are people who some like to talk ill about because they don't meet their expectations of perfection, but they are mine and they love me and I them 5) the world's best people as my friends - you peeps rock 6) a minivan - yes I love my Town & Country even if I still have a loan and it is 8 years old & 7) the best of all - my Jesus, my Savior, my refuge and strength.  One of these days I will share with you my testimony. 

Then I got to thinking about books.  Go figure, right?!  The thing that struck me today as I was talking to grandma about what I was reading, she loves history so I knew she'd like to hear about Ben Franklin, is the manner in which I got the book.  I mean as few as 5 years ago I'd have had to go to the library to barrow the book or a bookstore and buy it; now I can downloaded them in a matter of seconds on my Kindle.  This made me rather melancholy because if books are that easy to come by, where will all the bookstores go?  More importantly, where will all the libraries go?  Then I had to laugh as I visualized Carnegie rolling over in his grave.  I know that progress must and will happen, but sometimes I wonder at how much expense it needs to be at.

One last thing, which I will continue later, but will begin it as a question, is why does happiness always get equated to conceit and bragging?

Until next time - read on!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Wouldn't Call This a Roll

So here I am, day 2.  I need to let you know that I was anxiously awaiting this evening so I could begin to type away at my keyboard.  There is this quasi-euphoric feeling I have in delivering this to the unknown masses, of at least one.

I initially propositioned this blog as being a chronicle of sorts for my reading escapades.  However, I feel that I may have to mutate that original concept.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I really do read too much, and I probably will share with you a thing or two about a book or two, but I have something I think to be exceedingly interesting to talk about.  You see, I posted on my FB account for some insight into the world of bloggerdom and I received such an amazing reply from my friends that perhaps I will make this more about:

1) My family  -  thanks to E, M & L
2) My hobbies/interests - thanks to A, N, J & K
3) Myself (Vainness.  Yes it is a horrid character trait, but alas we all, at times, express it!) - thanks to S, K, J & M
Disclaimer:  If I forgot your initial in this listing, please note it was not intentional, I simply did not open another browser to reread everyone's advice.

I am not one with a lot of philosophical prose, nor do I have a great understanding of all things theological, political or (enter another -cal word here).  What I do have is a great ability to share exactly how I feel and think.  For those who may not know; I often fail to apply a filter when I speak.  This is both a character trait and flaw.  It is a trait because you never have to wonder what I am thinking, as it will be said.  It is a flaw because, well, there are times when I person should NOT know what another is truly thinking!

Before I bid this post adieu, I will share that I am currently reading The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin on my Kindle.  I have never read an autobiography or a biography for that matter, but felt pulled to this one.  I recommend this to everyone.  It is not a fast read.  In fact I am only 1/2 way through it after 2 evenings(snail's pace for me), but the way he writes it I can see the settings in my mind's eye and feel the era.  Ok, so I am prone to fancy, but it is what it is. 

So, with that, g'night.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting Started

It is quite funny how dependant we are on computers, yet I sit here and find myself struggling to do such a simple thing as create this blog.  The muse for this really was from a friend who decided to chronicle her New Year's resolution through a blog.  However, I do not see that being the route I will take.  First, I have not made a New Year's resolution.   Second, I am not all that good with follow through on those types of things, I am much more of a buddy system advocate.  Third, well, it seems like a fun thing to try.  No, really, I need a place to store up a list of the books I myself have read.  I read for hours and hours a week, yet in the end cannot remember a vast majority of what I read.  In fact, this past summer, as I was going through a box of books at my mom's I grabbed one simply because the title was catchy.  I got a paragraph into and realized I had already read the book before.  That lead me to remember all that I did not like about the book and the little that I did.  I am not a professional critic.  I do tend to stick with a genre until I feel that I simply cannot read another written word, then I move on.  What genres do I find myslef most wrapped in...well, there are only two...romance, of almost any variety, and mystery/murder/thriller/suspense.  Yeah, I know, that is kind of a lot wrapped into one, but then again, it pretty much sums it all up.  I have several favorite authors and some I could simply do without.  A favorite is Jude Deveraux and one I could do with out is Stephen King.  Gasp...I think several people just began to hate me.  But, alas, it is that great ability to have an opinion that allows it to be said, or perhaps it is the first ammendment right, either way, it is what it is!  And to that, I have started this journey.  The length of which will be left to my ability to follow through!