Thursday, January 6, 2011

Complexity needs Guidance

This will be short and possibly sweet.

People never cease to amaze me.  In particular the ones who, in one sitting tear another to pieces with words regarding a situation and lead you to a path of belief in as many steps, then turn around and ooze a false compassion for the spotlight.  It makes my wonder really, how beyond pathetic their life must be, that they feel the need to create this air of superiority for attention. 

Another thing that is truly frustrating is the amount of time that is wasted in the desire to rectify a wrong that was never created from the receiving end.  Perhaps there are things that need nothing but the ability to type them out.  However, how long does arms length need to be to gain the focus?  How often is the other cheek turned.  I know that as a Christian I am commanded to forgive 7x7.  Yet, I wonder, in all the inherent bend towards the human nature, the ability to gain the strength to do so is attained. 

Then I remember, God sent His son for this purpose alone.  That He be my strength, through my acceptance of Him.  For this, I am not to accept the action of the person, but to love the person as God does.  We are not called to be doormats, yet to lead the lost to the point where they will "ask and the door will be opened." 

In this, I ask for the forgiveness of the thoughts that came from my anger in the aforementioned issue, and subsequently pray that the love of the Lord will shine through upon any future meetings.

Only by His strength.

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