Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Write My Story - Part 2

The days that past were such a blur.  Even now, looking back, I can't for the life of me remember each little detail, but I do recall the beauty of it.  First, and foremost, I need to alert you to the fact we are about to embark on a full case of "sappy".  As in a sappy love story.  Man, I have waited so long for this kind of a story.  One of my own that is.  Trust me I've read a lot of others!

In the days that followed December 20th it seemed like every dream I ever had finally come true.  Naturally it was the Christmas season and that alone carries a multitude of magic and love, but this year, even when I never would have thought it could be, my Christmas miracle finally came.  You see, from December 20th on we were inseparable.  It was almost like we'd never met before and we were just getting to know each other all over again. (You know how fun and exciting those first months are.) But at the same time there was the peace and comfort of knowing that each thought, each idea, each word didn't have to be specially crafted because you were in the presence of someone who already loved and cared for you.

On December 26th he took me to Jerad. Now, I really must tell you, every girl's dream isn't a ginormous ring.  In fact, that isn't what he bought me while we were there. One of the things that I told him in the days leading up to the 20th is that if we were to get back together I wanted a promise and not just a verbal one.  So on that day he took me and let me pick out a promise ring!  It is the most beautiful ring; white and rose gold wrapped to form the infinity sign with diamonds in the white gold.  It is simply stunning and perfectly me.  But the bigger surprise was the stores we went to next.  My love wasn't messing around.  No, in fact, we went to a couple of other jewelry stores until we found the one.

Ladies, have you ever in all your set your eyes on a ring so beautiful it truly did take your breath away?  A bit of truth about me, I don't prefer diamonds.  No, really, they are not my gem of choice.  Don't get me wrong, they are pretty (well some of them, like the small understated ones that are accents to the prettier gems), but my favorite?  Pearls.  At this one store I found a pearl ring with a very contemporary setting and 3 small gems to the side that I loved.  Then the lady brought over a ring of small baguettes that when I put them both on together I literally got tears in my eyes and it took my breath away.

He bought them on the spot.  However, I did not get to keep them.  No, it took a bit after that and many, many days of begging and asking and wondering when I'd get to see them again, or perhaps wear them...but that is another story :)

Even though it isn't pertaining to this, per se, every time I think of these days I think of Francesca Battistelli's song, Write Your Story.  Go on, click and read, then find it on your tube and I dare you not to fall in love with the song.

Until next time,