Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grown-Up You

Think back to your childhood and the friends that you had.  Are those same people in your life today?  Do you often wonder where they are or even who they are?  What would you say or do if given the chance to meet up with them again?  That is what I want to share today.

I have recently, and by that I mean in the past year or so, been given the opportunity to meet up and spend time with some fantastic women from my childhood.  OK, I'm going to use that term loosely since it was more like high school, but heaven's it's been 15+ years since that time.  Regardless, what I have learned from all of that is that these ladies are beautiful, and I don't mean from what is on the outside, though yes, they are beautiful there too, but from what is on the inside.

There is something about growing into an adult along side a person and watching them transform into their grown-up versions of themselves; something almost magical.  I have a few very, very close friends that I have had this honor with and find the memories to be delicious and remarkable as well as heart breaking and maddening, but not any I'd give back as they helped make me into the grown up version of me.

Then there is something all together different and enjoyable about re-meeting people who you only had a small interaction with (let's face it high school is but a small snip it in time).  You didn't have the pleasure or growing up with them and making the memories that created their grown-up versions of themselves, but it's OK.  In fact, it is perfect because you can bring an all together different approach to a subject. You can talk and share an opinion without worrying "are they going to like me for this" while at the same time, loving the fact that they are true to themselves and giving you the honest version of who they are too.  After all, no matter how long you are in each other's company, and whether or not your grown-up versions like each other, you are still the person you are and they are the person they are and if it doesn't work out you have merely gained insight on the growth of another.

With that, I want to say many thanks to the wonderful women that I have had the honor and pleasure of re-meeting in my life and say that you have each been an inspiration and a joy to be around.  I look forward to the next time we can spend time together.

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