Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Little Snow Begs for a Lot of Patience

We had our first "official" snow fall yesterday.  I say official because even though we had a dusting prior to Thanksgiving, yesterday's actually stuck, and stuck, and stuck, and...  The day started off with a little rain. OK, who am I kidding?  It was like a monsoon in the middle of fall.  I think Mother Nature fell asleep and pushed the wrong precipitation button, then when she woke up she realized the mistake and promptly turned it off and pressed the snow button.  I kid you not.  It wasn't a gradual change, no, it was about as subtle as a freight train.  The thing that gets me, living in the Midwest, is how many people have to re-learn how to drive in the winter.  It is almost like the seasons we have surrounding any that contain snow fall erase all winter driving memory and common sense.  Which brings me to my random thoughts, below are a few I had from this season's christening.

1.  Snow plows are optional until 6 inches or more have fallen.
2.  There is always that "one guy" in the red car who has to blow by the rest of us...yes, the one in the ditch a mile up the road.
3.  Why do the morons always drive red cars?
4.  A 4x4 does not make you invincible.
5.  Do not hold a schedule during the season's first snow fall, you will inevitably be disappointed.
6.  A snow plow can, and will, throw snow across 4 lanes of a city street.
7.  Vehicles were designed with 3 heat settings: 1) cold - the windows are going to fog up, 2) warm - the windows are still going to fog up, and 3) hot - you need to roll the windows down in order to breath, but hey, there is no fog.
8.  Don't have the windows down when a snow plow is going by, a couple lanes over, in the opposite direction.
9.  When re-routed due to road obstructions, look for all applicable road signs.
10.  When there is a chance you will go through an immense amount of standing water remember the lesson on line 8.
11.  Fill your gas tank up prior to beginning your journey - sage advice regardless of the season.
12.  November 1st is the official "Put Your Ice Scrapper In Your Vehicle Day."  OK, it isn't but it should be that way you have it when you need it.
13.  Christmas songs do not lighten the mood when surrounded by idiocy.
14.  Keep a spare novel, puzzle book, pad of paper, pencil, box of crayons, some snacks, etc in your vehicle during the will thank yourself later.
15. Pay attention to the "Bridge May Be Icy" sign; it actually does mean something 4-5 months out of the year.
16.  Call or text your loved ones when you have reached your destination; it prevents them from calling in the National Guard looking for you.

I'd be interested in hearing your random thoughts in regards to the season's first snow fall, so leave a comment or two. 

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  1. haha! Spot on! And, my guess is you experienced most or all of these yesterday? It is snowing here today now. Must be reverse weather pattern.