Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snarkiness and A Few More Random Thoughts

Have you ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and I don't mean geographically?  Today, I did.  I don't know what it was, perhaps it was the way the previous day ended, or that the new alarm clocks we just had to have don't work in the simplest manner, or perhaps because my toddler decided that she needed to crawl into bed with me halfway through the night thus destroying any chance at sleep I was going to get.  Whichever of the aforementioned it was, or wasn't, I am snarky.  Yes, this isn't a wildly recognized word, in fact it is one I only recently learned, but sakes alive it certainly has the character and unique enough sense to truly describe my attitude.

Have you also noticed that on those exceptionally snarky days others tend to reach out to you more?  By this, I mean, every one and their cousin decides that it is the day they just have to text, email, call, IM, or otherwise contact you.  These are the days when a person can never think for themselves so they must call you several times in a row to ask you the questions you would have already provided answers to, due to your ability to think ahead into the conversation, but they hung up too quickly in their haste to complete said task half-baked?  Yes, you are completely feeling my snarkiness, aren't you.

Then, it is only after the day is lost, you finally stop to realize that through all this snarkiness you forgot to enjoy your day because you were too focused on what you wanted to be left alone to do, to actually do it.  (Circular, but rational, I know.)  So here are the random thoughts my day has drawn a conclusion to:

1.  No one else can know how you feel on the inside if you don't verbally share it, but do so only in a calm and collected manner.
2.  Yelling, fuming, stomping your feet, and huffing in annoyance doesn't remove the fact someone else needs answers.
3. The day is going to go by regardless of how you feel, so get over it already.
4. You will never be able to reclaim lost time; therefore, enjoy it while you have it.
5.  Some of life's lessons are taught repeatedly and yet never learned.  It is kind of like analytical geometry or thermal dynamics...yeah...the subject matter goes over your head!
6.  Children don't get sarcasm.  They take everything at face value.
7.  If you want something done right, realize right isn't always black and white and then let someone else handle it.
8.  Perfection can only be achieved by 3 people: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit; don't try to fit everyone else into that mold - they can only get there on their own free will and the personal help of the aforementioned.
9.  Life will happen whether you enjoy it or not; simply put, the choice is yours.
10.  In the end, I really do like to help others and feel blessed they think I am smart enough to answer their questions, or in the least, they value my opinion enough to ask for it.

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