Wednesday, October 5, 2011

20 More Random Thoughts

OK, so I started typing today with one point to make and realized that you can't force a subject.  True writing will flow when there are meant to be words on paper, or in this case letters in space.  When it comes down to it, I just have a list of random thoughts going through my head.  Perhaps a bir of my randomness will become a conversation starter for one of you out there, or perhaps not.

1) Wishing to be something doesn't always bring it to fruition.
2) Time is not relative, it moves regardless of who you are or what you are doing.
3) Submersion in anything will not make you an authority.
4) The answers aren't always in the back of the book.
5) People come and people go, what matters is that you remain the same.
6) Friends are those people who know the real you and still call to say "hi".
7) People can never be a replacement for God.
8) Heartbreak follows the former when you don't realize its truth.
9) Reading just the headlines will not give you enough information to hold an intelligent conversation.
10) Being in two places at once will never happen, choosing which place to be can make the world of difference.
11) Busy-ness is not always the answer to boredom.
12) Raising a family doesn't take a village, it takes want to and determination.
13) The road of life is paved with good intentions; not everyone will see it this way.
14) Perception will trump fact in every situation, don't waste time trying to set the facts straight.
15) Reducing your calorie intake will only get you so far - then discouragement takes over.
16) Loneliness is a state of mind; it just happens to be bigger than Texas at times.
17) You can't ever get more out of life if you aren't will to put more into life.
18) Raising children is hard work and in the end you need to be happy with the job you've done, not worry about what another person thinks.
19) Growing, shaping, and forming little minds is not a task to be taken lightly.
20) Someone always has it worse, but still be happy for the guy who has it better.

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