Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Good Book

OK, so I just completed a series written by a 20-something Christian author who penned the books for girls in their late teens and early twenties, or at least that is what I gathered from the details on Amazon. (I started reading it because book one was a free book choice on Amazon's kindle list, which lead me to spend the other $10 on books 2 & 3...yes they are that good!)  Anyhow the series had three books, is called the Lauren Holbrook Series, and well, I am in love.  In love with the author's writing style, the characters she created, and the fact her books are saturated in scripture.  Now, don't take that negatively, as that is a good thing.  However, like all things that you love, there are also those things that you hate, be it the item's yin/yang.  Here is my "hate" list (I know that is harsh and I don't really mean it like that anyway):

I hate that real life isn't like this.  No, seriously, there is no way that real life has people who out and out are happy and joyful and downright content with who they are and where they end up.

I hate that in books, there is always a sweet proposal scene.  I mean come on, not everyone gets proposed to that ends up married.  OK, OK, yes I am a bit bitten here as I haven't been proposed to and I have been married going on 10 years.  (It's a long story and frankly embarrassing because it leads me to believe and feel as if it was never really wanted in the first place, and I suppose that after all these years I should really just let it go, but...)

I hate that due to choices I made I didn't have the opportunity to have a beautifully planned, laid out wedding, with the colors I wanted, etc etc and now will never have the opportunity to redo it.  (But am thankful for those who helped make it what it was.)

I hate that dating is always perfect in story books.  My husband and I never dated and still 10 years later have never dated.  I often wonder what it would be like?  Would we really have anything to talk about or would it be like it now, a day full of no conversations?

I hate that in books, the hero and heroin are always so perfect for each other, regardless of what their backgrounds are, they make it work and are perfect for it.  Real life in no way, shape or form is like this.  Perhaps that is why I love my stories...I like to read about perfection.

I hate that this particular series had God at the forefront of everything and that in all things He was the main deciding factor in all choices.  OK, so I really don't hate that at all.  No, rather, I love that.  What I hate is that I didn't know God earlier in my life to let Him direct my path and chose the right things for me; rather, I took life upon myself and am now asking Him to clean up my mess.

I hate that I always end a wonderful series yearning for more; more of the author, more of the characters, more of the story line, more of my life to be like what I just read.

Of course, after all this "hate" I do have one thing to say.  (OK, more like a few, but honestly, you all know me by now.)  There will always be another book series that will have me thinking another way.  The God who helped this talented young lady discover her gifts is the same God who will help me find mine, should I take a moment and spend my time reading the Good Book and not just a good book.  That the life I have is the one of my making and it will only ever be what I make it; therefore, I must somehow enjoy what it is for I have done nothing to change it.  Lastly, I will never be a character in a story, even though there is a Christian song that says God wants to make a Bible story out of me (and you too of course!)

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