Monday, September 26, 2011

20 Thoughts About my Day

Have you ever had a day when the subjects you bounce in and out of are as random as the people on this planet?  Well, today was my day and here is just a bit of the randomness that happens in my brain.

1.  Coupons are a way to get you to spend money you never would have in the first place.
2.  I read today in my devotional that spending without a budget will make you broke, perhaps I need a budget.
3.  Batteries for 2002 Chrysler Town & Country's are not cheap.
4.  Sometimes I just want to play hooky from work, but I'm too guilt ridden to try it.
5.  Some people love spontaneous gestures, many do not.
6.  Cranky old people should not be made the center of a joke.
7.  There are fortunate people who do not look at all like their age, particularly men.
8.  Public schools are not centers for learning, rather centers for the ravaging of parents' bank accounts.
9.  Never assume because you have agreed on something verbally that it will take place.
10.  There are people that have no morals, I seem to find one everyday.
11.  My heart aches for a friend who lost a loved one.
12.  My prayers go out to a friend who is asking for the first time I can remember for them.
13.  Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to put a smile on someones face.
14.  A voice can trigger the most beautiful of memories and longing for parts of childhood that are long gone.
15.  Children have a beautiful way of looking at the mundane.
16.  Talent surrounds us, I saw it at the fair grounds judging hall today.
17.  Making of lists in no way means your day will go as planned.
18.  Peace has to come from within.
19.  Procrastination is not a valid form of expediency.
20.  Some books just hit too close to home.

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