Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old Cars

There is just something about old cars.  I'm not talking about the one I drive, which being a 2002 would be considered old, I'm talking those cars that were made before me, my mom, and in some cases my grandma.  These cars are classics.  I may not seem the type to get excited about old cars, but I do.  I can appreciate the passion that went into the design, the tastefully selected color schemes, the artistry of the details, the engineering of the engine, drive train, and internal gauges.  I mean, these cars were the front runner of modern technology; each one though assembled was still done by hand.  There was not a single robot to touch them. 

Then there are the people who have lovingly restored them; worked themselves to the bone to bring back that note of history.  These people found love in the passion the designer had and took what years have taken away from it and given the car back its life.  I may never own one, but I can surely appreciate a fine machine. 

This year I took a little different approach to my photo taking.  I decided to highlight where they are all from since each car is as diverse as the owner.  Therefore, you aren't going to see lots and lots of detail shots (which if I had this blog in years past that is all that you would have seen).  Nope, you are going to get back ends!  OK, they are the rear shots showing the license plates.  Some of these cars have a lot of "trunk space" if you will, some are just plain "sassy", while some are what they are, the tail end of a car - a very nice car at that.


1. Alabama - No Car       

2. Alaska - No Car       

3. Arizona        

4. Arkansas - No Car       

5. California        

6. Colorado        

7. Connecticut        

8. Delaware - No Car      

9. Florida - Can't find the picture :(        

10. Georgia - No Car       

11. Hawaii - No Car        

12. Idaho - No Car       

13. Illinois        

14. Indiana        

15. Iowa - No Car        

16. Kansas        

17. Kentucky - No Car       

18. Louisiana        

19. Maine        

20. Maryland        

21. Massachusetts        

22. Michigan        

23. Minnesota        

24. Mississippi - No Car        

25. Missouri        

26. Montana No Car       

27. Nebraska - No Car       

28. Nevada - No Car       

29. New Hampshire - No Car       

30. New Jersey        

31. New Mexico - No Car       

32. New York        

33. North Carolina        

34. North Dakota - No Car       

35. Ohio        

36. Oklahoma        

37. Oregon        

38. Pennsylvania        

39. Rhode Island        

40. South Carolina - No Car       

41. South Dakota - No Car       

42. Tennessee        

43. Texas        

44. Utah - No Car       

45. Vermont        

46. Virginia        

47. Washington        

48. West Virginia        

49. Wisconsin - No Car       

50. Wyoming - No car

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