Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Random Facts About Me

Hey, it's my blog so I can type what I want.  After all, it's your choice to read it!

1.  My favorite color is white.  Yes, I understand that that is actually the absence of color, but it is what it is.

2.  I love to think about things; deeply.  In other words, I will dissect something until there is nothing left.

3.  I love quietness.  In fact, the joy of only hearing the fan blades turning and my fingers typing on the keyboard right now is FANTASTIC!

4.  I have regrets.  I may share them - or not.

5.  I love Dodge brand vehicles because they are all sexy looking.  No other make/model can hold a candle to the design.

6.  I second guess myself all the time.

7.  I really don't have all the answers.

8.  Just once I'd like to not have to make all the decisions and feel safe and comfortable with the person who is.

9.  I'd like to drastically change my life, but fear keeps me from doing it.

10.  I used to have a dream, now I have a life.

11.  When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher.  To this day thinking about that makes me want to cry because I find great joy in helping others learn.

12.  I have read the Bible from covereth to covereth and can't find the discipline to do it again.

13.  I want a deeper walk with God.

14.  I want to want a deeper walk with God.

15.  I wish God would force the issue without a lot of trials.

16.  I hate that my degree is in Business.

17.  I hate that I am working on another business degree.

18.  I'd rather read a book than do anything else.

19.  I don't watch t.v. - I think it is a waste of time.

20.  I love playing in the kitchen.

21.  I'm a lousy housekeeper.

22.  My children aren't perfect, but I love them anyway.

23.  I'm not a perfect mom, but I hope they love me anyway.

24.  I keep my guard up all the time; it is found in the way I present myself and what I say.

25.  I would like to go to a psychiatrist - someone must know what is wrong with me.

26.  I abhor jokes at the expense of others and do not like stupid comedy.

27.  I am a black and white person because I have found colors get messy.

28.  I'm still searching for that "thing".

29.  I am an emotional eater; therefore, my weight is an extension of the emotions I have.

30.  I am a realist.

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