Friday, September 23, 2011

The Price of Vanity

Have you ever gotten a truly BAD haircut?  I mean one that had you running straight for the door of the salon so fast while at the same time assuring the stylist you just LOVE what she did?  No?  Well, lucky you!  For me, this just happened tonight.  It started as an innocent thought.  I just had a great party (I sell GC candles) and thought I would surprise my girls by taking them to get their hair cut and styled.  Of course, going with the flow of things, I too MUST get my hair cut.  I should have known it wasn't going to be good when...

... at 5pm we walk into the salon, there are only 2 stylists on the clock and we are instantly told it would be "45 minutes so jsut put your names down and leave and come back".  So, being it girls night, I treat the girls to a dinner of their choice.  (I can't go wrong here, right?  After all they are kids!)  We end up 3 shops down getting Subway.  This would have been a simple endeavor had my toddler not needed to be held the whole time, the oldest two not fought over the fact that they just could NOT get the same toppings and then the whole ordeal of getting through a meal without someone inevitably wearing some of it.

We get through dinner, sort of, and at about 530 we head back to the salon and the remaining 15 minutes of the 45 minute wait turns into 35 minutes and the kids are getting restless; I mean REALLY restless.  Finally my oldest gets called over and promptly tells the stylist she wants her hair short.  The stylist, thankfully, has the right mind to look at me and raise her eyebrow.  After the lengthy discussion of how short "short" would be she gets underway.  As she begins cutting I have flashbacks to when she was 3 and decided she was going to cut her own hair.  I still shutter at what it looked like and vowed NEVER to let it get abover her shoulder blades for as long as she lives in my house.  She lost over 7 inches of hair tonight...I'm still trying to deal with it.

About 5 minutes into her hair cut my middle daughter is called.  She is my uber girly-girl and promptly began showing the stylist with her hands what she wanted, and I agree it sounds fine and walk back to keep an eye on my toddler, who by this time has all but tore the salon to pieces.  My oldest daughter asks for more length to be cut off, I agree to a bit in the back and then I look over and my middle daughter is having a breakdown.  I mean come on, she is 7 years old and you would THINK she was dying.  Apparently too much was taken off the sides so I ask  the stylist to trim up the back to make it kind of layer. My daughter on the other hand decides she wants it really short and spikey...SPIKEY!  Where does she get this? I'm thinking to myself and promptly ask her, and the only response a parent dreads is this: "well this is how my friend _______ has hers cut."  Uh-huh!  Well, mom won this one and she is still not talking to me because apparently she looks stupid and all the kids are going to laugh at her.  When in actuality she looks beautiful and just like a 7 year girl should look.

Finally, after 2 emotionally draining haircuts I sit to start mine.  I should have known straight away it was going to stink when I agreed to forgo the wash because the kids were getting irritable.  I should have just got up and left and come back by myself on another day, but oh no, not me, the master of let's get it all done in one trip.  I now not only have virtually the same style as I was trying to get RID of, but it is also 5 inches shorter!  SHORTER!  I DO NOT looks good.  So now, as I am having an internal breakdown, because at this point I can't reinforce the behavior I just reprimanded my middle daughter for, I want to kick myself in the butt for not thinking this one through.  Ah, the price of vanity...I suppose I will just have to wait for it to grow back and start again!

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