Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Art of Comparison or Maybe it is Complaining

They say the grass isn't always greener on the other side.  I think "they" are correct.  However, why is it from this vantage point the July sun had turned mine into lite brown crunchy, yet sharp, blades of blah?  Yes, I realize that this is an arbitrary question and that the only answer is perspective.  The point here is that I have had a lot on my mind lately.  (I really wish the thing had an on/off switch) So here goes:

Stuff - how much is a good amount?  Why oh why is the accumulation of it the basis for whether you are good enough or not?  How about clothes and accessories (sorry guys you may not get this one as much, or you may!!!)?  Why is having clothing that come from stores like Aeropostale and Ambercrombe (mall stores) so much more acceptable than those that come from places like Walmart and Fashion Bug?  Is it the material, the price tag, the label, etc?  Then there is a person's hair cut, color and style.  ARGHHHHH....makes me want to run for the hills screaming or punch the lights out of the self righteous individual who bases a person's self worth on such things.

That brings me to self righteousness.  Seriously!  I have a laundry list of names that just popped into my head and frankly, I will hold off on sharing them, because, there is that off chance they may read this thing. What is it with people who look at others and think (sometimes to themselves, sometimes not) they have the right to decide which is a moral and which is an amoral act? For instance, scoffing at a person who smokes, after said person kindly removes themselves not only from the same room, but goes out of doors, to do their thing.  Really, are you so much better?  Did you ever think that perhaps you should have gone out of doors before opening your pie hole?  Just saying. Disclaimer:  I don't smoke, I have and frankly don't think it is a healthy lifestyle choice, but hey, if its something you want to do...go for it, but please out of respect for me, don't do it in my house, just go out of doors and then come back in to visit. Oh, and, field strip your remains!  (As in, don't leave the butts in my yard, landscaping or flower boxes. Many thanks!

Then there is bragging.  This is the quintessential art of comparison.  In a nut shell, those who brag or "share" their "sales" aren't really being friendly, they are bragging that they are better and can afford better things.  For instance, oh, we (not meaning me and my hubby) just got a brand new, self designed vehicle, but had to omit several options because we couldn't afford it, but it was all on sale so it was worth it!  Great for you!  I am happy that you have learned the art of sacrifice.  Me, I just got a new to me vehicle (this being 3+ years ago) that was already previously loved and road tested (for 5 years), with a few minor problems (like, the automatic seat lever doesn't move up and down), but hey I can afford it, my family fits in it, and it goes down the road!  Whew...I'm thankful that that isn't a status maker.  Or perhaps it is and I will never be a card carrier in that club?!  Bugger!

Yes, I know, the frustration is oozing.  I don't write, post, call, text or share all the things I am getting or giving to my immediate family (that would be those under the same roof and/or I deam righteous enough to receive what I feel the can have).  I don't have shiny baubles and toys I can't really afford.  (Don't get me wrong I do have debt...we are after all American!) What I do have is a voice, a laptop and the great unknown to share all of my ramblings with.  (Though I am not sure how much of the unknown actually happens upon this!) With that, I leave to get myself ready for the day. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to share more later...probably a refresher after I have had a dose of perspective?!

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