Monday, July 18, 2011

A Touch of Perspective...

or perhaps I am just over that thing that crawled up my butt and died.  Yeah, that is it.  I appear to be on a very negative rant this month. Actually it followed me in from the last one.  After reading some of the things that I have written, both on here and not, I guess it is time to snap out this funk and worry about the plank in my own eye.  Man, I tell you though, finding, identifying and fixating on the spec in another's eye is SO MUCH EASIER!  I don't often share my daily devotionals or the notes that I take from a Sunday message at church or tidbits from here and there, but I think that a moment of perspective is what I need and I will share what has been really hitting home for me lately.

Have you ever heard, or read, that sometimes God uses other people to speak to you?  Well, I was having a conversation before the service started at church yesterday; mind you this was a completely random conversation and a friend of mine told me straight up I should write a book.  Of course, me of no faith, kind of laughed at her comment and snickered the statement 'who will read it?'  She quickly replied, along with another friend who was in the conversation, that she would.  It is funny, I think, because for as long as I can remember, for my adult life at least, I have wanted to write.  Sure, my ideas have changed over the years and what is important or publish worthy also, but in the end I think I finally narrowed it down.  Well, actually, I think it was narrowed down for me. 

I can't come right out and say that it was something audible; rather it is more of something that just feels like the correct path to follow.  I'm going to come right out and say that I am going to stumble. My walk with the Lord isn't perfect, no one's is.  Will I make mistakes?  Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar on it.  Will I ask the Lord to pick me up, dust off the seat of my pants and push me on my way? (Kind of what a parent does to a child who trips and falls)  Yes I will (I may shed a few tears along the way too.)  However, that all said, I cannot start this journey without taking stock of what I have, where I have been, what I need, and where I need to go.  For instance, I have the Lord in my heart; I have been very lax in my walk with him, as in, I haven't sought Him first in all things as of late; I need to rekindle my relationship with Jesus and I need to go before the thrown with my cross and ask the Lord to make my path straight.

It is quite interesting how a little perspective is all that it takes to get back on the road of life.  Oh, those mirages all look fine and dandy from a distance, but they won't quench the thirst like time with the one who created you.  And, that, dear readers is where I am to go.  It all comes from Him first giving love and from me looking for love in all the wrong places...

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