Saturday, February 26, 2011

Watering my Lawn

Have you ever felt that life isn't fair?  Sure, we all have.  I think that is one of the first things a child learns; well at least growing up in my family it was.  It is funny how quickly we learn the truth about those who have and those who have not.  The life isn't fair "pill" is not easy to swallow as a child, but our parents and loved ones shoved it down our throats in such rapid succession that it became just another piece of candy.  Then you grow up.  Oh boy, you thought life wasn't fair as a child?!  I mean little Jane had the better Barbie doll, her bedspread had ruffles, they got to go on vacations, their car didn't have rust on it, etc, etc.  As an adult the have and have not in life takes on an entirely different dimension of epic proportions, but what do you do?  Simple - you buy it!   After all Jane is a Jones, and you have to keep up with her.  However, now it isn't a stupid Barbie; it's a Lexus, a home, fancy clothes, computers, TVs, phones, fitness centers, etc etc.  Until one day you look at what you have amassed only to realize the grass is STILL greener on her side of the fence.  So you wonder: what is she watering her lawn with?  and why is my credit destroyed? 

The default answer - life isn't fair.

Don't you just hate it when those nasty little "pills" your parents shoved down your throat come back to bite you in the butt?!  Why can't life be fair?  Why can't I have a nice lawn?  Why can't I have a FB status with 20 comments all praising me for my perfection as a person and a mother?  Why can't I have happiness? The only true answer is - BECAUSE HAPPINESS ISN'T IN THE BOUGHT THINGS OF LIFE & FAIRNESS COMES FROM KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE!

So, as I sit here thinking about the many ways people manipulate themselves to make others see them the way they want to be seen, I am happy to know that I have all that I have and all that I don't have because my happiness comes from above and from with in.  And also, thankful for the underderstanding that sadness is ok, as long as it isn't an excuse for something else.

With that, I am glad to have gotten this off my chest as it has been eating away at me all day.  I think I will go water my lawn; after all, it is a very lush shade of contentment.

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