Sunday, February 27, 2011

Golden Crown, Nazareth Israel

Well, it has been 10 days since I came back from my trip and I am just now getting to the photos.  I have realized in the past half hour that I am not a photographer.  Now, don't misunderstand me, I have taken some amazing photos, BUT not of the things that I can still see in my minds eye.  There is so much I want to show and to share, and sadly I don't have the pictures to do so.  Therefore, I am going to show you a compilation of those that I did take as well as those that were taken by my fellow travelers and some that I had to regretfully copy from the Internet.  I think that the best part of these photos is that there is a story to tell.

This is a view of the hotel from the main road that runs behind it.   This was taken by Brad S.

These are random photos from outside the the hotel back.  You can't see this from the road that the first picture was taken from, but this is where the pool is located.  Since it is 'winter' the pool and courtyard was not open, but those with 3rd floor rooms were able to walk out and take these photos.  Thanks to Lisa M, Brad S and Kurt H for these shots.

I was able to get to the courtyard by going through Lisa's room, these are the photos I took looking out over the valley.  It is all farm land.  If you look closely you will see the road in which the first photo was taken from.

These are all photos I took off the Internet.  The first one is the hall that I walked down to get to my room.  I was on the 5th floor which is also the main floor.  My first impression is that this place looked like a castle; which is rather fitting as all the rooms and halls were given royalty names.  For instance the floor my room was in was called "The Little Prince".  I took a photo of this for my sister as that is the name of her favorite book.
This is the reception counter as soon as you enter the hotel.  Talk about making a great first impression. 

This is a great view of the dinner room.  The meals that we were there for were all buffet style.  The food was AMAZING.  I think I may have shared that a time or two in the previous posts.

And finally, the random shots that always seem to make it into a person's photo book, but really don't tell the story of what it is that was seen.  Enjoy them regardless!

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