Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nazareth, Israel - Day 1

Ok, so maybe this is day 2, but seriously the first one doesn't count.  After all, it consisted of flying in, checking in, getting a rental, driving 1hr 30min to the hotel, checking in, unpacking, showering, grabbing some real food, and going to bed.  But, I doubt that really matters.  Here's the good stuff!

Note:  when setting your alarm clock for a work week in the middle east: 1) be conscious of the time change as the phone does not automatically adjust itself.  2) make sure you include Sunday, as work is not Monday - Friday, but rather Sunday - Thursday (with fingers crossed!). 3) you set the tone to be something so annoying that despite jet lag you still wake up with more than 15 minutes to go until you need to leave for breakfast.

I woke up late today.  Yes, this happens, but all was well, we just arrived at the plant, umm, fashionably late.  Really, I don't know if the time is hard set, but I loathe tardiness - mom, don't choke reading this - and therefore, felt like a complete dolt that I put the schedule behind.  I'd like to say it was because the hotel room is really comfortable and the bed was soft, but alas, not so much.  However, what is spectacular, and super amazing are the views from the hotel.  Perfection.  I love the architecture.  Everything, save for the mosques, has straight, clean lines.  It is awesome, especially for those, who like me, like everything to have straight, clean lines.  It all looks so organized!  But outside the architecture, the landscape.  I don't have words, and I know I have yet to really see anything.  Here are a couple from my room and one from the side of the hotel looking to the, ah well, I have no idea the direction, but I was looking out!

The hotel is in Nazareth, the plant is in Nazareth Illit.  I did not know this, but, the Arabs and Jews all live in together, but in well defined areas, thus the two sections of Nazareth.  All the signs are in both Hebrew and Arabic and believe it or not English.  Yeah for me...since my Hebrew consists of "Shalom"  (thank you VBS circa 1980 something.)  Anyway, the trip to the plant was wicked fun.  No seriously!  The roads through the village of Nazareth Illit are barely wide enough for one car, let alone two and it is all up a large hill (small mountain) and back down it.  Think of a seres of alley ways in New York, that pretty much sums it up.  The people drive like crazed maniacs (yes the words are synonymous, but the emphasis was needed).  I thought I was going to loose my life once when a semi can into our lane, but surprisingly, accident avoided, probably because our rental is no bigger than a golf cart with doors.

After work, we had a much less eventful drive, but I must share my amazement at a semi driver who, on a steep incline, parallel parked, in reverse up the incline, a double trailer. (Did I mention the severely narrow streets?)  It was quite something.   I got to go to a mall.  This was so much fun, except for the no one speaking English part, but what did I expect, right?!  I wish I had had more to spend, but the prices, well, sadly, they are vary comparable to the US.  Oh, another thing, and don't laugh, but did you know that the currency is the shekel? I thought it was only called this in the Bible.  I think I am learning more than I am teaching.  But still, it was fun to look around and see everything.  Then, dinner and catching you all up.


  1. Mandy, make sure you bring home some foreign coins or currency for souvenirs for the girls, I want to look at them too. Have you gotten to drive or are you simply a passenger? So, did you or do you get to go to church (Christian) & worship or is that taboo?
    Are you eating "American" food or native delicacies? So this is posted @ 10am EDST, you are now at 5pm??

    Love, MOM

  2. LOL! You crack me up. I will see about bringing home money, it isn't free you know! We flew in on their Holy day and went straight to work the next day. Their are Christian churches, but I haven't seen any. I am hoping this weekend, should we get the DBs up and running correctly and efficiently we can go to Jerusalem. I know the plant is trying to put something together for us as that is where I really would like to go. I haven't driven yet, but have the option at any time. It is a little intimidating as the "roads" are so narrow. The food is AMAZING. I didn't fly 7000 miles to eat American! I could go on and on about the food. Perhaps I will take photos and be a make shift food critic? Hmmmm?!