Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Trip to Remember

This post is a day late in the making as I was simply too tired to do much of anything but plug this computer in and call home last night when we finally landed and arrived at the hotel.  This trip began at 130pm Friday 02.04.11 and ended roughly 24 hours later; add to that the 7 time zone changes and nearly 7000 miles of land covered, relatively speaking that is.  Anyway...

I don't know how many of you reading this have ever flown before, but there is QUITE a difference between flying domestically and internationally, and I am not talking about the aircraft!  The main thing is the time.  Seriously, 12 hours sitting with the seat "reclined" (yes, this term is applied loosely as there isn't a scant bit of difference between it and the "full upright position"), with nary a bit of legroom, not only gives you a numb butt, but also, tingly toes. Follows is a chronology of sorts, compliments of my in flight travel guide!

  1. Ft. Wayne to Detroit - this was a 25 minute flight, in which it took longer to get to the airport and wait in the terminal than it did to fly. This is considered a  non-event.  Except for the chatty Cathy that was sitting next to me, which by the way, was on his way to an interview in another state that his now boss didn't know about.  Well, duh, who interviews for another company and parades the info in front of their current employer.  Sheesh...
  2. Detroit to Atlanta - this flight was roughly 1hr 30 min in which I began to read a rather good book, but again, this was a non event.  Also, note, just because a National food chain, (aka TGI Fridays) is in an airport does not in any way, shape or form mean it will be good.)  I love their green bean fries (thanks to Erin M.), but these were HORRID!  Plus side - no expense to me.
  3. Atlanta to Tel Aviv - This folks was an event!  I mean after all, I'm flying over an ocean here.  (No lame jokes need to be applied.)
    • Boarding to take off - 1hr 15 min - apparently someone got sick upon boarding.  I think they enjoyed too much of the nasty airport food, or something like that! 
    • Take off until the time I woke up!  Yes, I fell asleep.  Come on, it was nearly midnight - definately past my bedtime, when we took off. This picture was taken about 3200 miles into the trip.
    • I began reading that same book again and when I stopped, or dozed off again, whichever, occurred...I looked at the monitor again, and now I can say I've been to France, never mind that it was only from a 37,000+ foot view. Yes, I know this doesn't count!  This was roughly 4300 miles into the trip.
    • I found it difficult to concentrate on much going forward as I couldn't wait to see where the plane was going next.  I kind of felt like a kid at Christmas with each newly generated map, it was like counting down the days!  It was around this time that I started to watch Eat, Pray, Love to pass the time.  If ever there was a waste of talent this movie was it.  I give it a 2 out of 5 stars for well, everything BUT the locations.
    • This brings me to the near end of my trip.  One of the most fun aspects of watching the maps was finding all the names of places I've heard of, but never knew, geographically, where they were located. I tried to get photos of the plane's "location" near landing, but all electronic devices, or as the captain stated "anything that has an on/off switch", had to be shut off.(I kind of didn't listen, completely...oops!  This accounts for the blurriness.)
    • Deplaning wasn't bad; actually it went really fast.  Showing my passport was smooth.  By the way, when in a foreign country for work, you are not really working, you are there to attend "a series of meetings."  Trust me on this one, you will thank me for it in the future, should you find yourself in the position to need the advice.  Next was customs, easy breezy, I simply walked right through!  
    • The BEST part, save for the tired American in the photo, was finally, being here! (Apparently I looked worse, much worse, than I felt...eek...don't judge the photo, just enjoy the background!)

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  1. that's quite a long flight, at least it was at night, when you could sleep. I'd hate being stuck all day on a plane full of ppl lol.