Monday, June 27, 2011

My Hobbies: aka those things I want to do, but never get to

Ok, so I have only a couple of hobbies:
1) reading
2) scrapbooking
3) canning
4) card making

Yep those are the things that I have spent a fortune on and well, I never seem to stick consistently with.  Ok, the reading part I do do a lot of.  The scrapbooking, goes in spurts.  The canning, well it can only go in spurts as the seasons dictate.  And finally card making, which was a huge passion of mine years ago (before kids) and I lost track of it when scrapbooking took over and now, I dabble. 

I wonder what I would accomplish if I spent a week (at least 40 hours) just scrapbooking.  Yeah, I couldn't do it.  Now there was a time that I could, but you see, I get rather bored doing the same thing over and over and over again; which is why I think that I have to make a list for work each day.  These are all things that need to get done and when I get going on something that I find I'm bored with I start something else.  In the end, I do get it all done, but I like variety.

Hmmmm...I think I have shared this insight before.  Anyway, I have finished 56 books already this year.  In contrast to that I think I have completed only a dozen or so scrapbook layouts.  Oh it isn't for the lack of pictures to scrap or stuff to decorate a page with, it is well, time and focus.  Ok that is the answer that has been alluding me for so long.  It is focus.  Now, don't get me wrong, I have just tends to escape me from time to time.

Perhaps I have ADD, again, this is another topic that I shared my 2 cents on.  Oh well, guess I will leave it at that.  Or I could prattle on about my Kindle...yes my new favorite thing. (Even after having it 6 months I still LOVE it!)

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