Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Camp

Ok, so I never actually went to Summer Camp, but I have camped during the summer.  A stretch for parallelism I know, but I am just so excited.  Not only have I reserved our camp site for this summer's vacation, but we got the exact same spot we had last year.  This is very exciting to me/us because the kids LOVED this spot.  They had so much fun.  The only bad memory, for me at least, was getting horribly burnt while at the beach on our 2nd day there.

I have some new activities planned for the girls.  I thought we could make Nature Journals.  These can be used to chronicle things they see, drawings of what they see, stuff about the weather, how they feel or what they did.  Squeee...I'm almost more giddy over this than they are.  I can't wait to create new memories and capture as many of them as I can, not only in my mind, but also on film. I just hope that I don't forget to charge my camera battery like I did last year.  Since we get the non-electrical hook-up it wouldn't have done any good to bring the charger with me. 

Non-electrical you say?!  Well, heavens yes!  There is something so incredibly peaceful about having to use what  you have and making do with the basic things.  You'd be surprised at how not having electricity causes you to enjoy things more.  How?  Simply because you focus on what you can and do have.  We also only camp in a tent.  Some people scoff at this because they simply "do not sleep on the ground."  Well, la ti da, you can take your high priced hotel/condo and pack it...we like things simple.  It also helps that at $11.20 a night we can totally afford this vacation!  (Disclaimer:  I am sure when we are older and more gray, we will trade the tent in for a camper - ok, this is my wish, but in the mean time, a tent is perfect!)

So now, with only a  few weeks until the adventure begins, I must start making lists.  (Yes, I am a list maker - I find it keeps me sane!)  Family Summer Camp 2011 - here we come!

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