Thursday, June 30, 2011

Month End

Most of the time when I think of Moth End I visualize the multiple reports that I have to compile for my company, both at the local level and for the division.  Needless to say the first day of the next month is always the hardest, well, that is a bit strong, it is the fastest paced day due to the work that I do.  I rather enjoy it.  I mean, who doesn't like trudging through a month's worth of data and organizing it in a way that others can see the outcome of the month and compare it against sister plants.  Yep, that is me, database junkie.  There is just something about data mining and sifting through "dirty" data that makes me happy.  Oh and then there are those moments of sheer genius when I get to put my developer's muse hat on and figure out a way to make the systems better, much like yesterday, when I get goose bumps head to toe because I'm so excited to make what we have better.  Yep, I'm a bonafide GEEK; but, shhh...don't tell anyone!  After all, most people think I'm this totally awesome top of her game person; oh, alright, if you must, no one actually thinks that - I just like to have a moment every now and then. 

So today, my devotional was very much the thing that I needed to read.  Yes, I don't share them often but I will today.  (Oh before I continue - I might turn the public viewing of this thing back on, but to do so I would need to delete a couple of posts; in which, I'm torn over doing seeing as how it was so therapeutic to type them.) ok, ok, yes I'm getting to my point.  My devotional:  (sheesh...pushy much?!)

God has a plan for my life (yes, it is true, even I needed to hear this lesson)  (oh, and this will apply to all of you as well....)

Hebrews 12:1 - " Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily tangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."

Emphasis:  his plan is custom designed for me and me alone

I am to: run the race GOD has set for me!
NOT: 1) the race I set for myself
           2) the race others set for me
           3) the race culture has set for me
I will fail if I try to run any other course and I will get discouraged

In order to run the race God has for me I need to look at my SHAPE!
     S - spiritual gifts - What am I gifted to do?  (I know, from the Spiritual Gifts Analysis I am gifted with teaching, knowledge, and discernment in that order)
     H - heart - What do I love?  (Organizing, teaching, reading, creating things that make people happy)
     A - abilities - What are my abilities?  (This one is harder to answer - I get really stuck on the things that I can't do, like sing, play an instrument, excel in sports, etc.)
     P - personality - What is my personality?  (Well, I am a first born, I am very strong willed, I do not tolerate laziness and when there is a job that needs done I expect it to be done...yeah you catch my drift!)
     E - experiences - What are my experiences?  (This last one would take several months to type out, there are so many and of those there are positive and negative, but all are life changing and meaningful.)


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