Saturday, April 9, 2011

Reading, Writing, and no Arithmatic

We all know that I am a reader.  After all, that is what the premise behind this entire blog is.  However, another passion of mine is writing.  There are times when I just have to get the words out.  When I am in a funk, or have a particularly strong feeling/emotion and I need to pen it.  I believe, also, that this blog has given that understanding as well.  Here's where I'm going with that.  I was reading last night and came to the end of a book, quite unexpectedly and quite upsettingly (the author had a few points she could have wrapped up,  but that is between me and her...LOL!), and pulled out a notebook (I have several lying around in several places all over the house) to write down the titles of the books that had teasers placed at the end of the book I had just finished. (The teasers sounded pretty good, why not pick them up and read the whole thing?)  Anyway, so the notebook I picked up just to happened to be one that I was apparently using to record random thoughts.  This, is not a anything new and well, I am sure I have many, many of random thoughts roaming this house in print form.  Ok, so I read this, and was actually quite impressed.  Yes, I know I sound vain, but hey, if this was a teaser for a book, I would have written the title down so that I could read it.  Which, now brings me to the point of this blog post; I am going to share it!  Yeah, you could see that one coming, huh!

It really does happen; falling in love that is.  I've heard it said a hundred times that you can't have your cake and eat it too.  Funny thing is, I don't think that those individuals knew how to actually see things for what they were.  Confused?  Allow me to explain.

I must admit I am an avid reader.  Ok, that may be an understatement, but I do read voraciously.  However, I drift primarily to one genre of books - romance.  Oh it doesn't matter the kind; contemporary, historical, paranormal, new and old alike.  I read the cheap dime store types as well as the larger novels.  As I said, it really doesn't matter!

Why do I read these?  Why am I drawn to a romance novel over any other kind?  Quite simply the reason is love.  Love is addicting.  Love makes you see something for the first time while simultaneously not seeing anything at all.  Love is, well, love.

There you have it.  Seems to me I was on to something.  Now if I could just remember what it was, when it was and why it was, I could finish the thought.  I feel like that is just the tip of that iceberg and I need to find the rest of it.  But, I guess that is why they are called teasers - they want you to get drawn in! 

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