Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Catching Up is Hard to Do

I posted yesterday to my FB page: "Why does not having something to do, feel really like I'm forgetting to do something?"  In a weird way, I feel that same thing today.  I mean, it isn't that I haven't "done" something, it is well, simply, that I have not gone out and "DONE" something.  In fact, it has been a remarkable week in which I have been given the opportunity to "catch up" on things.  Yet, despite that, I find that, eek, that too is not getting done.  Or rather it is, just not as quickly as the getting behind gets done. 
I have just started scrapping my oldest daughters vacation pictures from our trip to Chicago in 2008!  I know!  I have so much to catch up on.  In fact, I have a very bad feeling that my children are going to be parents themselves by the time I get the chance to complete their scrapbooks.  Now, that said, I'm sure I am grossly misstating this fact!  After all, I am only roughly three years behind give and take the few photos I have so wonderfully scrapped out of sequence and the studio photos, which piled up in rapid succession over the years.  (That, thankfully, is a costly habit that I outgrew.  It is hard trying to capture everything professionally. Life doesn't happen in a photo studio!) 
Sadly and I will definitely give this a great amount of grief, is my decline in reading.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am reading, just not as much as I was when the year started.  Strangely, I have about 5 different books going right now.  I get into one and then get bored with it and start another.  I just can't seem to keep focused on a genre or a certain author for long these days.  Not that I am a scatter-brained person, I just can't keep the focus.  And, for that, I am going to totally blame this semester of school.  Hey, it is my right after all, well, that, and the fact it is the utter truth.  I have never in all of my post high school education spent this much time dedicated to studying a specific course or set of courses.  Which, regretfully, is why some of the past courses failed to live up to my grade expectation! LOL!
So, as I set here typing away, to catch up on this extremely neglected blog, I am making the mental list of all the other things in which I need to accomplish before bed tonight.  Then, I think I will start another new book.  Now, don't judge, after all I am reading!

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