Thursday, April 14, 2011

13 Little Blue Envelopes

This is the name of the book that I read today.  It is somewhat of a coming of age story about a 17 year old girl who is sent on an European backpacking adventure by a deceased aunt.  In this story the girl is to fulfil 13 little quests; each one she is to do only after completing the other.  I laughed, I teared up, I longed for more, I was angered by the injustice, and found myself trying to tell her not to do something.  In the end the book was magnificent.  It was a book that I would have relished a read from when I was that age, knowing that there was a world out there to claim and just now, double the years later, with the guts to actually go out to see it, but with the responsibilities that will not allow it.

I cannot say enough about this little book or how anxiously I am awaiting the opportunity to read the next one called "The Last Little Blue Envelope."  (Or at least I think that is what it is called.) 

I think back to all the little "road" trips that my BFF and I took.  How far we seemed to have driven, only to look back on it now and realize we never did travel out of our comfort zone.  I would relish the opportunity to backpack Europe, swim in exotic places, hitchhike across America, and all those other things that sound like amazing opportunities only when you know there is no way to act upon it.

I am now reading "On the Road."  This is, at this point, a story about traveling across country.  I am struggling immensely with this story.  It isn't that it isn't well written, that I am sure of, I am listening to this story, which means I will more than likely finish it, but I am just not into it.  I am going to give its fair due and will make an assessment when I am done, but at this time the struggle is there and I am only on disc 2 of 10.  (EEK!)

There are 3 other books that I have started and not yet finished.  It is like I am hitting a wall genre-ly speaking, if I may so crudely butcher that word.  1 in a paranormal historical romance (yes, even for me this is a stretch...) and 2 of them are Sherlock Holmes books.  The later 2 are faster reads, I just find that I'm not giving them the attention it takes to fully digest what I am reading.  Perhaps they will make it on my list by the time the year ends, but I will not hold out for delusions of grandeur at this point! :)

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