Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Losing My Gusto

I see that this blog is rapidly becoming another one of those things in which I run at it full speed ahead only to end up completing half of it.  (This is evident by the ever decreasing posts made month over month.)  I have two projects due this week and then finals next week.  I was so gung-ho for this semester to begin.  I had all of the best intentions of being the best student.  I was going to take a plethora of notes, study out side of class and well, be all those things that make a person a great student.  Then the inevitable occurred.  I ended up not doing those things, per se; because you see, I have spent more hours outside of a classroom doors on the one subject than I think I have ever devoted to one thing in my life.  However, the prof just posted the grades today, and...eek...I'm getting a solid B.  Now, I know, some would think that is fantastic, me, that is like second place.  Or in the eyes of a pessimist, the first loser.  Would I have been able to get a higher grade had I spent more hours a day on the material?  I don't know and it is now too late to test the theory.  So, this class, I have to get a C or higher in order to get my reimbursement for the credit hours (this is hours only, nothing else) and also to prevent me from having to take the dreadful class again.  So, I am a 100 point project and a Final away from a single letter grade determining an approx $800 reduction in my bank account. 

Then there is class number two.  The one that I had loved from the get go, that I was a good student for, well save for the fact I never bought the text book.  However, this project is due at 9am on Saturday, one group member is quite literally on the other side of the planet for a vacation, one group member has been completely incommunicado, to only today email to ask when it was due and inform me that he is busy with finals...well, welcome to the crowd buddy, we go to the same college.  (Obviously this guy isn't an Einstein...or there is a huge disconnect, who knows?!) Then the final group member, who like me has sent tons of emails, replied to all the emails and is in limbo due to the fact her portion is dependency upon the sum of the rest of ours.  That means, that once the project for the aforementioned dreadful class is complete I will essentially be doing two people's presentation set-ups, completing the power point and printing the group's paper (which I wrote) and finally writing my paper.  Whew...NO PRESSURE!

And it is now 6:08pm and I have 3 problems to go for the dreadful class, after re-doing the one problem, and....more excuses.  Need to find my gusto.  Need to find my gusto.  Yeah, I'm not finding it in the written word today.  (Not that written word...there i always inspiration in that one!)

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