Sunday, April 24, 2011

He is RISEN!

I can't help but to reflect on my recent trip to the Holy Land when I think of today.  I mean, I actually walked the Via Delarosa.  I saw the tomb.  However, even as I think on it my heart grows overwhelmed with love and compassion, an unexplainable amount of gratitude and well, frankly, feelings that no word can describe.  Have you seen Mel Gibson's the Passion of the Christ?  If not, do.  Don't dwell on the person who funded and made it, focus on the story it portrays.  All too often we dwell on the wrong thing.  We keep focused on the wrong perspective.  Just like Mary Magdalene all those years ago when she went to the tomb to mourn Jesus and she mistook the risen Savior for a gardener and it was only when Jesus called her name that she saw that it was him.  (John 20:10-16) 

I too got to look into an empty tomb.  I walked a path that millions travel down a year only because one man gave His life for mine and yours.  How can I ever thank Him enough?  How?  Anyway, I hope that you and yours had a blessed Easter and were able to look past the commercialism, to the real reason for the season. 

Below are some photos of the girls from today. 
At church this morning after the sunrise service.
I didn't make an appointment for professional photos this year, so I thought I would take what I could do on my own.

I think that my girls are so beautiful.  They all looked like little ladies in their Easter dresses this morning.

It is hard to see here in this photo, but above you can.  Yes Lillian is wearing her boots.  Yes, I let her.  No, I am not a bad mom, and at 6:30 in the morning on Easter Sunday, it is ok to let the 2 year old win the battle over this or her white Mary Janes.  :D

She got the whole ear in her mouth in one bite...and yes this was AFTER church and before we went to mom's! 

Audrey enjoying her "peep-cicle".  She was so clever to call it that.  Her whit amazes me.  I love her smile!

You can't see it here, but Kelly started by eating all the peep's eyes, then the beaks, then the heads...yes, she was an equal opportunity eater/offender.  The peeps never stood a chance!

After the Egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's.  They all had so much fun and the weather was spectacular.

Kelly is secretly saying to me "no I don't want my picture taken here - the queen mother of all bees is in this tree."  (By the way, she was quite right!)

Audrey, got to enjoy the egg hunt as well.  She was so thoughtful of the younger kids (not pictured are my bros kids) and left all the easy eggs for them.  Looks like she still got enough! 

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