Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steps to A Healthier Me

Ok, so I'm overweight, much the same way Walmart is a Chinese Warehouse...thats a gross understatement.  There are few things in my life I am not proud of, my current health is one of them.  Now don't get me wrong, I do look much as I do in the photo I have posted, but put another 35 pounds on me and you will be about right; afterall, a lady never reveals her dress size.  We are starting a new challenge at work on Monday, one I desperately need.  I have attempted to begin a health/workout routine here at home, but alas, the discipline is just not there.  You know it is hard to unlearn bad habits.  My biggest one...reading.   Ok, well the act of reading isn't bad.  In fact, it is a great thing.  However, what is bad is the fact that I will spend almost every shred of free time I have reading a book.  I keep telling myself this wouldn't be an issue if I could just get my husband to by me a stationary bike...yeah, he isn't falling for it either.

So what I have now, is a Jillian Michaels workout DVD, a mat, some small weights, a pedometer and sore muscles.  Then I got to thinking...what is one thing that I do  every single day, regardless of the intention...that's right, I walk.  I read an article a while back that said that 10,000 steps a day in whatever manner of acheiving them will help you to maintain or lose your weight.  Well, alrighty then!  I have shoes, intentions - albeit sometimes misappropriated, and a pedometer.  Game on!  Due to this I created a tracker bar.  Yes, progress is fun to watch.  I figured there are 365 days in a year, we have already lost 31 (Jan) + 28 (Feb) + 21 (some of Mar) and if I mustiply the balance by 10,000 steps I get a tidge under 3 million.  So there you have it, my tracker.  Today, in my regular working day, I racked up a bit over 5k.  Not bad, not bad at all.  Of course, there used to be a time when I could run a 4k in about 16 minutes, that being 15+ years, 2 marriages and 3 kids ago too!  Boy life has a way of taking hold of you when you decide not to fight it!

I doubt I will share my weight as it is embarrassing.  In fact, I don't think I will share a poundage lost either, but I will share my steps.  Who knows, perhaps by year end I can say I lost 10 pounds?  Not great, but a start at least! 

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