Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A while back, I think sometime around Christmas of last year, OK so not that far back, I started getting, ummm, what is the word....morose, that's it.  It was such an overwhelming feeling, which, I suppose the word itself indicates.  I was yearning for, searching for, a way to speak out, to reach out, to share.  For those that know me, I talk, not just a little, but a lot; sometimes I actually have something to say.  Anyway, to my point, in this quest, I stumbled across a scrap booking forum.  I guess I should stop here because even in the seemingly random randomness of life, God is directing paths, in reflection, this was one of those times.  Like, I said I was directed to this scrap booking forum, where I created a profile, then diligently waited day after day for someone to say something to me, about me, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Guess what?  NADDA!  Exactly, I know, right?!  However, true that is in that regard, it isn't true in another.  I found another scrapper.  I read her profile and was intrigued, so I kept reading.  You know how I said yesterday that God knows exactly how to get out attention; He knows the exact thing that makes us have an ah ha moment?  This was it.  This scrapper, Patter Triple the Scraps, uses her God given talent (scrapping) to create a devotional for others on the forum, or for random passers-through, such as me.  Now, I've said all that to share this:

The 2011 challenge this scrapper gave was an ABC Scripture Challenge.  I was all set to be on top of the game to keep up, yeah they say the road of life is paved with good intentions, that is very much true.  Last night, as I was cleaning out my inbox I decided to print out all the emails from her devotional, I think there were all of a half dozen.  Anyhow, in my, I don't always start at the beginning-ness, I picked up Word #3.  And what pray tell was word three?  Confidence!  Go figure!  I will never cease to be amazed by a God who knows me more intimately than I know myself.

Confidence.  I struggle with this more than almost anything else.  Well, there is my temper, but that is for another lesson that I feel God is not too far from teaching me.  Back to Confidence.  I lack this in my personal life on many levels, my professional life more times that I care to count, but especially so in my spiritual life; particularly so when it comes to using my gift.  Here is the thing that God, through this random person, taught me about confidence today; there are two kinds!  Go figure.  There is a self-confidence, which we are all to have and wear as a badge of courage, but there is the far more important one, and that is God-confidence. 

God-confidence isn't to be over placed by our self-confidence, it is to precede it.  Confidence means "belief in oneself or one's powers or abilities; trustworthiness or reliability of a person or thing."  However, looking at the definition (thanks dictionary.com) there are a couple key words: powers or abilities.  Who do our talents, gifts, abilities come from?  God, that's who.  So how can we rely on self confidence, when the very things that define the word come from the God who created us?! 

With that, I leave you to this day.  Go forth with God-confidence that He lovingly designed and created you for a purpose that He knows and has given you the gifts, talents and abilities to carry it out.

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