Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 15: Early Mornings

The Mr. got transferred to first shift at the start of the year.  At first, I was worried about him getting up and leaving so early for fear I would oversleep and be late for work.  I need to admit I'm not all that good with the whole "wake up with the alarm clock" thing. I have started to master it, but I won't be taking home any gold medals for this in this lifetime.  However, this is not the point of this post and I really must get back on task.  After all, it is almost bedtime and that blasted clock will be chiming before I know it.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have started getting up with him.  Gasp!  I know!  Here's why.  It gives me some time to do some exercising.  Now, don't go thinking I am an overachiever in this area; I'm not.  I do some basic stretching and an ab challenge - of the Pinterest variety, of course.  I may also be doing the stretches the Physical Therapist told me to do while I was trying to regain strength and mobility in my knee after my last injury.  Yes, I am a slow learner.  Yes, it is helping.  No, I will not admit to my Mr. he was right.  (BTW...he reads these, so he now knows!) I'm hoping by the time it warms up outside I'll have a stronger knee and I can attempt the whole running outside thing.  It has been too long.  My soul needs this.  Which brings me to my second reason.

I get time to spend in the word.  Just a few posts ago I shared with you all my love for my Bible App and how having it with me at all times lets me read on the go.  I do, and I still do.  However, this time in the morning, where it is just me, my Bible, and the Lord.  WHOA!  People!  You totally need to do this.  I want to tell you I am growing leaps and bounds during this time and the Lord and I are wholly in sync and all is well in the world.  However, I'm still working out the quirks of it...coffee first the read?  Read then coffee?  Read then write?  Read then pray?  Pray then read?   You get the point.  It's still evolving, but regardless of what it is evolving into, it is time I am devoting.  And I long for it daily.  I hope I can keep this passion as strong as it is now.

In addition to the reading, I am also doing a few devotionals from the Bible App.  Some of these are quick and easy, some not so much.  I have enjoyed some them and find that some need a lot more meat, so-to-speak. I recommend this app for everyone, whether you have a few minutes to dedicate or only those available while you are on the run. It's helping with the discipline of being in his word if nothing else.

Last, is the time I get to spend focusing on my overall health.  By getting up early I am able to be intentional about my morning routine.  I can prepare a healthy breakfast and pack a lunch.  Not only is this helping in the weight and energy department this is also helping in the pocket book!  I am hoping this, coupled with the stretching will help me take off some necessary pounds so that when I do start running again, there is less for my knees to absorb with each step.

While I am still not a fan of early mornings, I am thankful for this time.  One of the things I have been striving to do is to be more intentional with things and also to work on becoming a disciplined person.  I am sure I have a long way to go to get there, but for now I am trying and I think it is counting for something!

And since I am super tired, I am not proof-reading this (not that I am the best at that anyhow), so if there are a lot of mistakes, blame my editor...HA!

Later, M

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