Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 8: 3 Lessons

Today's writing prompt was to list three things you want your children to learn from you.  While there are certainly more than three, these are the first three I thought of.

1. That you are never too old to make a goal, have a dream, to wish big.  And while there is no age limit to any of that, there is a level of ownership to making it happen.  I want them to know that hard work and determination accomplishes things because nothing is going to be given to you.  Sure, there will be some goals that are easier than others, and some that no matter how much you put into it, there is no guarantee of success.  However, giving up is a certain way to achieve nothing.

2. That loving others is a choice, just as them loving you back is theirs.  And sadly, in this life you will have people who will not love you back (or even care about you) no matter how much you love them (or try to)...and yes, these are people who may even be family whether by blood or by marriage.  Regardless of this, don't change loving them any way.  Because the truth of it is, the way they treat you is a direct reflection of who they are, not in the least bit about who you are.

3. Be a responsible adult. No one in this world is going to be responsible for you, nor should they be. This world does not owe you anything.  In fact, it will take more from you than it gives.  Live for God, live within your means, pay your bills, travel, grow a family, make something of yourself, and laugh a lot.  Hardships will come, brokenness will be overbearing at times, and mean people will wear you down, but don't let these things cause you to act irresponsibly. 

Again, these three aren't the only lessons I wish to impart on them.  In fact, if anything, I want them to know that no matter what, as their mom I'm always going to love them, cheer for them, care for them, give them a what for when they deserve it, have advice when they need and ask for it, and just generally be here for them.

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