Friday, January 6, 2017

Day 6: Writing All the Stuff

Have you ever found it is so much easier to write than it is to actually talk to people? I have. It isn't that I don't enjoy holding conversations, it is just that I am not really good with small talk.  I get turned inside out and stressed beyond belief, mostly because I do not know how to keep a conversation going.  I envision it is supposed to move and flow like a beach ball at a packed concert. Instead, I'm used to a sudden a very painful way. To me, it is tiring, exhausting, and takes so much of me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  There are some people who confuse this with my being antisocial.  I'm not.  It is simply that I don't have the social graces some were blessed with.  That and the fact I am your textbook introvert.  So what does all of that have to do with today's blog post?  Well, writing of course!

Writing, journaling, note-taking, list-making, word-jotting, you name it...I LOVE it!   I think I shared once, years ago, about the number of spiral-bound notebooks I have lying around the house.  I don't so much these days now that I have an app on my phone for that, but it is something I dearly want to get back to. I miss the actual writing part of writing.   Sure typing has its being epically faster and cleaner, but it takes away some of the beauty of it all.  The joy of seeing shapes become letters and letters become words and words become sentences, it is almost poetic.

I have been researching the art of journaling.  It seems it is not as dead as I had thought in this age of technology.  It has simply been re-invented into something that crosses media and personal hobbies.  Of which, I find it to be gratifying.  I've literally watched hours of youtube videos and read several commentaries on this (new to me) thing called Bullet Journaling. People, I can honestly tell you I am super excited to try this thing!  I am planning some rough ideas on what I want in my first journal.  It is kind of giving me some anxiety because I don't want to mess it up. Yet, at the same time, I'm wicked excited about the level of creativity it will afford me.

I want to have monthly trackers for things like exercise, reading, expenses.  Then weekly trackers for things like healthy eating, water intake, activities with the Littles, etc. I think the thing that has me the most geeked-out are the opportunities to make lists.  Yes. I have always been THAT person.  Lists make me happy.  They help me to stay focused and adult as I should.  I have no shame in admitting this.  To help balance this small, anal-retentive character trait of mine, I don't match my socks up after they are laundered.  It keeps the yin-yang at peace in my life.  We all need balance, I find mine in unique ways!  HA!

But the part of it I think will bring me the fullest joy, is it also being a place I can take notes and journal - one of the things I miss.  I have random pieces of paper lying about with notes I have taken while reading something, watching something, as a thought comes up, any and all of it.  In fact, I used to keep the sticky notes hung on my kitchen cupboards.  This practice was totally acceptable when it was just me and my daughters, but now that I'm married and have two step-sons I can't really keep all those random musings hung up for all the eyes to see.  (My excuse, but really it's because I can't enforce picking up after yourself and keeping clutter at bay when I'm adding to it too!)

Who knows, if this journaling thing takes off, it can be something I can share with the girls (the boys hate writing - something they often remind me of!).  Honestly, I think it would be my middle-Little who would embrace it the most, but who knows...Here's looking forward to a hobby that helps me to grow!

Later, M

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