Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 11: Sidestep

So, at day 11 I think it is time to take a little sidestep.  I have begun this crazy fun thing called Bullet-Journaling.  Did I tell you about this before?  Anyway, this is equal parts creativity, journaling, and planning.  I've found, being three weeks into it, there are many things about it I find time-consuming and not necessary and many things that I love.  I love the list making and organization it affords me.  This is by far its best quality.  Second is the fact I can use my creativity to design the pages.  The thing that I struggle with, and this is probably the thing many people who do this have is a bit timey.

All that said, I must admit, it has given me a place to collect all of the randomness that enters my head - all hours of the day.  I've outlines 2 books I want to write, I've jotted down the clips of dreams I remember each night, I've found a way to track my weight loss goal and a unique way to track my savings goal.  The only problem I see with it is when this journal gets full...well, I'm going to have to start all over again!

While I am certain, to some degree, this sounds like I am complaining, I am not.  I actually encourage you to run out and google this (if you are not already in the know). But beware!  When you find this on youtube you will lose hours.  HOURS!  Then you will find Pinterest boards...more HOURS!  Yet, in a way it is therapeutic and we all need that kind of positivity in out lives!

Sorry this is so short today.


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