Monday, January 30, 2017

Day 12: Quote Worthy

Today's journal prompt is brought to you by the letter P (as in the Pinterest) and rhyming sounds put together by none other than Dr. Seuess.  Hehehe...a little Sesame Street throwback for those of you of a certain age! The prompt was to write about a recent quote you've found that is a favorite to you. While I have many favorites and have a page in my Bullet Journal where I've jotted them down, the one I am going to share for this post was actually given an entire page all to itself.  Ok, you get the picture...

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not."  - Dr. Seuss

It was just a couple of days ago this quote really clicked into place.  The Mr. and I are in a couple of small group studies at church.   It has been the topics of these classes, mixed with my personal experiences, that have made this so special to me.  I will admit this quote is also the one that has nurtured my desire to write a book. I can't say when it will be done, but I have the outline created - in rough draft form. Sure there are many books on the market which talk about the subject, giving the author's viewpoints on what to do and what not to do.  Some are filled with case studies and academic research and some are nothing more than a self-help guru's two cents worth of verbiage.  Both of which option I have read several, neither of which got me to where I was hoping to get.

That is the thing with it, though.  Were these books wrote because the author had an unrelenting passion for reaching the reader or for creating a piece of work to line shelves someplace?  I'm sure mixed with the words somewhere along the way there was passion and in the end, the result was a place upon a bookshelf.  I have a strong passion for a very particular subject.  One you have all had the pleasure of reading a time or two over the years this blog has been in place.  There are simply too many, sadly, that are seeking advice and information on this specific topic but don't have right words available to them.  That said, I in no way think my words are superior, perfect, or the only ones that are right.  In fact, there will be great opposition to what I have to write about, but it is the end result of the words that I care for the most because they will reach who they are supposed to reach.

If I could share, with just one person, my story and have it help them in any way, then I will have accomplished a lifetime of achievement in this specific area.  Why?  Because I care for the broken, lost, and hurting person.  I want to help them find the hope that seems to be lost in their current situation.  I want them to know when they feel all alone, they are never, ever, all alone.  I want to share some solid, true, Biblical principles for walking the journey they are on.  Oh, not because I did it all right, but because I got some bits wrong and those are the ones I want to share and teach from. Also, to give glory and thanks for the bits I got right and to encourage them to find the right way for them.

I challenge YOU this week to find a quote that speaks to you, that hits you where you are and to think about the reason why.  Go ahead, you've got this!

- M

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