Monday, August 8, 2011

Everything is Bigger in Texas - So They Say

We returned from our whirlwind vacation yesterday afternoon.  I would be lying to you if I didn't say that I loved every minute of it. So here is a brief synopsis of the trip.  Yes, I know it reads like a log book but it is what it is.  Enjoy!

- 2:00ish leave the house for the final time (yes, we circled back a couple of times!)
- 7:00ish we made it to the Cumberland Road Travel Plaza [250 miles into the trip there abouts] (I don't know which state IN or IL) here we had our picnic dinner and the girls got out and ran around - by design this was to wear them out so we could get in a lot of miles while they slept
- 8:20PM (I think CST) we passed the Arch in St Louis - it was sunset and absolutely beautiful

- followed by hours of random night driving ~ big cities passed = Rolla & Joplin, MO and Tulsa & Oklahoma City, OK.

- 6:30AM (CST) we entered Texas

- 8:00ish we arrived at Siti & Gidi's house (for those who don't know that means grandma & grandpa - bonus points if you can figure out the native language!)
- rest of day random activities (like eating and swimming) and visiting with family

- 11:45AM finished the tour at the Fort Worth Bureau of Engraving and Printing (in other words we got to see where paper money is made!) - In case you can't read the sign it says 102 degrees - that was still was HOT HOT HOT during this trip!

- Noonish lunch at Big Joe's (That would be an Italian restaurant)
- followed by ice cream at The Ice Cream People
- finished off by random activities (kids and men swam at the pool while the ladies shopped)

- 11:30AM watched the longhorns come down the Chisholm Trail at the Stockyards in Fort Worth

- 12:00PM watched a mock old west gun was hilarious!

- shopped, shopped and then had lunch at a BBQ place (like I was going to leave Texas without first having some BBQ!)

- 7:00PM left Texas for home

-1:45PM arrived home 2278.2 total miles later- THOROUGHLY EXHAUSTED!

I can't wait to make the trip again, but we want to factor in more time to visit the states on our way there.  Vacation time constraints limited what we were able to do this time.  Oh, I hope you enjoy the photos!  Unfortunately I cannot locate the cable to get the photos off of my camera so the cell phone ones are it for now >:/

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