Monday, August 22, 2011

The 10 Things I Learned in School Today

I learned a lot as I went back to school today.  Yes, here I am 33 years old and have gone back to school.  OK, I admit, I have been doing this for the better part of my adult life.  It is rather difficult to get a degree once you have already gotten married and had kids plus work a full time and part time job.  That said, I do have an Associates in Business; which, for the most part, is not worth anything more than a High School diploma in some industries; or rather most non-entry level positions in most industries.  Let's face it, with out that magical piece of paper that shows you know how to spend obscene amounts of money and dedicate scads of time doing it, you are pretty much going no where.  Now, there are exceptions to that and many people are content living in the exception or they are grandfathered into the old way of doing things.  But I am not going to sit here and split hairs and peeve many people off.  Now back to where I started.

Ah, yes, the 10 things I learned in school today.  1) your text book is just another way for academia to bleed you dry, 2) your professors are really just there to do a job (it is evident in their grammar - seriously a first year English major should proofread their syllabuses), 3) you still need white boards, dry erase markers, and different colored pens in college (squee), 4) there is such a thing as an accounting calculator (I know, I had no idea either), 5) on line classes are in no way easier than face to face, 6) teachers forget that returning adults really do have a grown up life outside of the classroom, 7) children don't understand the statement "mommy has to study", 8) power points were created to induce coma, 9) I can get to 10 things if given the chance, 10) after this semester I will have 12 classes to go for my B.S.B in Business Management (yes, there are now tears in my eyes).

I actually love school, or perhaps the idea of it.  I am going to admit a Bachelor's in Business is not my first calling, or even my second.  However, it is the degree that I can get somewhat of a reimbursement for.  I plan to take a minor in English.  This, of course, is a more up my alley.  I think I have shared this a time or two or a dozen; I have lost count.  Insider information:  my passion, ever since I was little, has always been to teach.  I used to get teary-eyed and emotional when thinking about it, now I just let it be.  Everyone has a thing in their life they will never accomplish or do, that is merely one of mine.  I wanted to leave this on an upbeat note; therefore, I need to impart one more thing - I'm a Junior BABY! WOOT!

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