Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Don't Judge Me

I've thought about this for several days now.  I've talked to several of my friends and to the one that I love.  I won't deny that some topics are hard to discuss.  Painful at times, in fact.  Some bring out the ugliness in others and in some cases yourself.  However, this subject, the one that I think really needs a good, solid dose of reality thrown at it is: what is a Christian?  I can almost hear you now.  It's alright have at it.  I can't really hear you.  Not that I wouldn't mind listening to your opinion, after all you are choosing to read mine.  Yeah, it works that way.

In the past several weeks I have had my Christianity questioned.  It's true.  Would be a silly thing, really, to lie about.  What do I have to gain.  Not a thing.  Here's the thing.  The main point.  The key principle (and yes, the grammar/slang is apropos) - AIN'T NOBODY PERFECT!  Yes, that means you.  I'm not here to point my fingers.  I'm not here to say your sins and choices are worse/better than mine.  It simply is NOT my place. Because in the end, we are all sinners.  And the Lord is the one and only one that can truly judge.  The reason?  Well, dear, HE is the ONLY perfect being.

Christians are all fallen people.  Perfection does not need saved.  Perfection does not need a savior.  Perfection does not need the Bible.  However, Perfection, as in Jesus, was still wholly dependant upon the love and guidance and teaching of His Father.  Yes, there is a point.  I hope I haven't lost you.  I'm not a perfect person.  I  have NEVER claimed to be.  I am simply a girl, who like all the others out there, puts her trust in something greater than herself.  I am a girl who believes in the goodness and truth of others; who actually seeks to find the good and not the bad; who gets upset over the wrongs; cries at the injustices; hurts for those in pain; and longs to be loved.  I can't negate that in all those things...I'm merely human.  Yes, human.  As in NOT perfect.  As in, I do not need your moral code to define me.  I need the Bible and my Jesus to do that.  He will.  I know.

So here it is.  You show me a perfect person and I will show you the Jesus they need to meet.  I admit I need Him.  I need Him daily.  I need Him in the morning, the afternoon, and at night before I go to sleep.  I  need Him.  And that, that is the first part of being a Christian.  Knowing you are not whole until you have Him, then being humble enough to accept what He has to offer. (Oh, and actually accepting it!) So here I sit with my beliefs being knocked and my Christianity being questioned.  Just remember, we have all fallen short, which is WHY we need Him.

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  1. Oh mandy u r so right. And i have to publicly ask (well via blogpost) for u to forgive me. I am sooooooooooooo far from perfect, I have so many weaknesses and sometimes just a downrifht failure. The verse about removing the spec when ibhave a big ole plank hanging out of my eye has been going tfhrough my head lately. Love u! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! -erin