Sunday, July 28, 2013


I read the other day, while flittering around in cyber-space, that there are three sides to every story - yours, theirs, and the truth.  At first I was taken aback a bit by the statement.  I mean, after all, aren't we all entitled to our view of something?  Then, after sharing this thought with a dear friend, and talking through it with her, the conclusion was drawn that it is assuredly the God's honest truth.  See there?  Truth.  Here's the thing, each of us, yes this includes us all, have our own perceptions.  It is our perception that forms our basis of truth.  Yet, what is it that forms our perceptions?

I think those are formed by our feelings.  If it is something that makes us mad, angry, or even hurt, then we have a very dark bend on the the truth.  If it is something that makes us happy, glad, or even full then we have a very bright bend on the truth.  Honestly, both can be devastatingly wrong, and in some cases damaging to ourselves and others.  All of this for the very reason that when we chose to only see or even rely on one side of the truth then we most assuredly miss the other.

I'm not saying one has to have both sides to make up their mind.  In fact, there are a multitude of individuals out there that are living comfortably in their land of ignorance because they are choosing to listen to one side and one side only.  And, since I'm being honest here, I have fallen to this myself.  I know why people do it.  They want the easiest thing to latch on to.  They want that bit of the story that requires the least of them or in other cases allows them the opportunity to react in basal ways.  But, at the end of this - you know, that place where all three sides meet, everyone is left with the realization that perhaps, just maybe, they jumped the gun in their reasoning.

Yet, and I know this, no one likes to admit fault.  It takes a strong person to step up and share that they were wrong.  It takes and even  stronger person yet to apologize for the reaction(s) they had.  Face it, in some of these cases grown-ups can be more childish than toddlers.  They can say and do the most inane things because they chose to react first and question later.  In the end, what does it prove?  Who really wins?  What is the true outcome? 

I suppose the point I'm trying to make here is this:  People...take the extra few moments, days, whatever, to get the whole picture.  The BIG picture.  See it from all sides.  Know the truths.  They will set you free.   You are still entitled to your opinion, but wouldn't you like it to have a foundation in the truth?  I mean, it will prevent the egg from ever landing on your face.  Just saying.

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