Monday, June 3, 2013

True Beauty

I’ve struggled most of my life with accepting me for who I am and what I look like.  Yes, this is the second post along these same lines, but I think the lesson is far too important to not focus on it fully.  I’ve been really convicted lately over how I view myself.  And I think if we are true with ourselves then we can admit that there are times when we all do this.  Yet, this isn’t our role.  This isn’t what we are to do. But we do it anyway by saying things to ourselves and others like; ”I’m just being honest where no one else will”, “I’m a realist”, or “I can see the real me better than you can.”  However, deep down, these are defense mechanisms we use to hide hurts.  These are the words we use to justify our appearance against standards that were created by the world. 

The world.  People, that is a big scary thing.  The world cannot create anything, yet we are letting it define how we, the created, should think and feel about ourselves. 

I had a conversation with a wonderfully dear friend yesterday.  This woman has a heart more beautiful than I ever dare say I could have.  I, in so many words, told her this.  She laughed it off and said, “oh, it isn’t me, it is surly God through me.”  And then it hit me.  We the created were made by the Creator.  Whether you have a firm walk with the Lord or not, one eternal truth is - you were created.  You didn’t just spontaneously appear through some manner of cosmic intervention.  You were created.  Specifically.  On purpose.  For  a reason.  Just the way you are.  And all this by a God who does not make mistakes.  Hear me?  He DOES. NOT. MAKE. MISTAKES.  You are beautiful in His eyes.  You should be beautiful in your eyes too. 

I’m not saying we all need to walk around in vain conceit with our noses in the air.  Heavens if this crazy sod was only inhabited by narcissists - we’d all go nuts.  I mean it is bad enough we all deal with one somehow, someway.  However, there is a humble approach to this and that comes from being thankful for the you God created you to be.

Seriously, weight is just a number on a scale.  Dress sizes vary from store to store.  Short hair, long hair it all needs washed and combed.  Petite or tall, height does not determine your true stature.  Strong or weak, muscle mass does not accurately dictate strength.  I could go on and on.  Don’t let Hollywood and the advertisers control YOUR self-image.  Be true to the person in the mirror- that one of a kind created work of art.   Do not focus on being a made up carbon copy of something that isn’t even real.  

To the young girl who wants to look like the magazine cover- she isn’t real, but you are!

To the woman still searching for a forever person – don’t let it be your looks that drive you.  The right man is going to see what you aren’t seeing yourself.

To the mom – those stretch marks are a beautiful trophy showing you, each day, God gave you the honor of helping him with creating someone else just as unique and beautiful.

To the aging – the wrinkles and crinkles are precious signs that life has blessed you with many years to touch other people.

So, ladies, as I type this and remind myself through my own words – beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  You are beautiful just the way you are.  I truly hope you can see it too.

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