Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When Life Smiles

Have you ever had a day when you felt like life was just smiling on you?  Today started out like any other day.  I woke up, got ready for work, went to work, picked up the kids, and went to church.  I know, doesn't sound all that exciting or special does it?  In fact, there were parts in there that weren't so great.  Let me start there.

I have been working closer to home off and on for three weeks now.  No, I didn't relocate or get a new job, I have just been fortunate enough to be in a facility closer to home.  One of the best things about this is that I don't have to wake up as early and I get to see my children before they go to school each day.  This has been such a blessing for me.  Then while at work I have had the opportunity to do something that I love - teach.  This is the part of my job that puts a smile on my face and warms my heart.  There is something so amazing about helping someone learn a faster, better, smoother way of performing their daily tasks.  (My absolute favorite part is when they get that eureka! look on their face and I know that they know it has all fallen into place.) I know, not many people get as geeked out about databases as I do, but hey, its what I know and love!  The next best thing, is learning something new myself, which I inevitably do each time I am in another facility training them on the new systems.  The next thing that means so much to me is not a thing at all, it is the people.  I get to meet some great people and make some great friendships.  However, if there was a rain on my parade, today was it.  Today was my last day working with some fantastic people.  I have so enjoyed this time learning from them, helping them, and getting to know them outside of work.  I may not be much of a people person, but I do know the value of others and, well...I'm going to not be a girl about all of this.  So, when this particular work day ended, I said my last good bye, gave my last hug and hand shake, all with a tear in my eye, and walked away from them for the last time. 

One of the best things about ending this day was knowing I had church tonight.  I left work with a bittersweet feeling and yet I know with all my heart God knew how to make my heart happy again.  Tonight at Bible Study we talked about participation in church.  Not necessarily the kind where you are in the choir, singing a song, playing an instrument, giving an announcement, running the powerpoint; no, none of that.  What the study was about was participating in groups, having fellowship with friends and fellow believers.  How does all this fall into place with my feelings from leaving work?  Simply, that God gives friendships and relationships when others go away.  He provides you the beauty of another, through a smile, kind words, similar interests, etc to let you know that you aren't alone.  (He never intended life to be like that anyway.)  To close this out, I guess what I am trying to say is this:  When one door closes, as much as it hurts, God is always there to open another.  Though it may not look like the same door, and feel like the same journey,  it is inevitably the best one to walk through.

I know there are going to be many, many more situations like this in my future.  I don't know the timing of them all and really do wish I did, but there are some things in life that were never meant to be known.  I guess that is why we go through it, learning as we go, so that at some point when we go eureka! God can look down and smile on us and know that we know it all fell into place.  (Thankfully, He is always there to help get us through any re-schooling that is needed!)

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