Thursday, March 16, 2017

Day 21: Dust Cover

I love books.  We've established this time and again.  However, one thing I don't like is the dust cover.  While its glossy finish affords the reader a little something to whet their appetite - be it a picture of the main character, a scene in the book, or the small blurb on the back that is meant to draw the reader into its clutches - there is scant else it is good for.  Perhaps you could use the flap for a bookmark; I don't recommend this, by the way. I have lost my place far too many times trying to make use of this feature. Other than that, gosh, I just cannot think of another thing it is good for. In fact, I usually take them off and put them somewhere I forget while I am reading and end up finding it long after I've finished the book. However, that isn't the reason for this post, despite the title.
I decided to do a random google search - you know so I can get on with this 30-day challenge and actually finish it before the second coming - on creative writing prompts.  The one I settled on (#24 for no other reason than it is the coolest number ever) is, "Imagine your life is now a book. In 100 words, write the blurb for it. It's what people will read on the back cover".  I took some creative liberty with the prompt, because, you know!  Ha!

Nestled in a small Indiana town was a simple girl.  Well, quite complex really but she likes to think of herself as simple.  Most passers-by don't notice her as she goes about her day to day life yet inside of her is a power waiting to let loose.

Having grown up in a home where her voice was squelched long before it ever got a chance to take off she struggled to find the right way to use the words she had welling up inside her.   The words were as real to her as any tangible object.  They floated around her constantly, like those little tweety birds in the cartoons.  No one else could see the words, only her.  Some were small and soft, others big and scary. The words, they had a presence of their own and sometimes when no one was really watching, they came to life.

Her words came to life.  On the days she couldn't control them they sought to destroy others.  Yet, people didn't see it was the words doing the harm, they only saw her so she was always left to bare the full weight of their agony. Then she discovered something when the words weren't looking.  A secret weapon she could tame them with, destroy them with, and she couldn't wait for the right time to do it.

Ok, so I wasn't able to get the blurb out in 100 words or less, but I think it has a little something to it; don't you?

Here's to a little dust on the cover.  (And for those who are good with their country music circa early 90's - you're welcome for the earworm!)

- M

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