Thursday, December 29, 2016

One Thing To Do

Years ago, before my life took a drastic turn, I wrote a blog about a 30-day challenge.  The premise of that blog was to write something different every day for, well, 30 days!  I never got there.  I did blog many times over the course of that life change, but I never got to the challenge.  Despite that, I'd wager to say it was some of my most profound writing; personal opinion, of course.  Honestly, in the last several months I have felt the urge to write but am constantly fighting for the words to say, the things to share, the thoughts to come. It is almost like there is nothing left in me worth writing about.  It isn't that I am without problems or life events, it is just that they are all rather, normal.  Gasp!  My life is normal - I'm a normal human.  Anyway, before I get too much further into this aimless rambling, I thought I would give another go at this whole 30-day challenge thing.

Before we begin, I have to admit Pinterest is a wonderful tool for finding random writing prompts and journaling ideas.  In fact, I have pinned a plethora of them!  The one I am using tonight - a topic for each day in the month of December - does not have a viable link; thankfully there is a good image to read from!  Today's topic is "One thing to do".

Isn't that rather vague?  There are many things that I want to do - so very many, but the first thing to come to mind is traveling to Europe.  I have wanted to do this since I was a teenager.  There is just something magical and mystical sounding about the countries - Scotland, Ireland, England, etc.  Oh, ok, it is because I spent the better part of my adolescence and early adulthood reading historical romance, most of which were based on characters from these locals.  Yet, I can't even remotely put all of the reasoning on those books. I mean, have you heard the accents?! SWOON!

Actually, I can remember the first time I "consciously" heard the accent spoken. I was younger, probably in the 4th or 5th grade, and my friends and I were walking about the trailer park where we grew up.  We had just left Dawn's mom, Deb's trailer and had stopped by Jenny's - another friend of ours whose parent's had a year-round camper just a few places behind her.  Both of these places were at the top of the hill from the lake and you could only get to by walking a rutted, overgrown footpath.  Ok, you could actually take the road, but that was the long way around and clearly takes away from the drama of the story!

In the spring of that year a new double wide was put in just two spaces down from Jenny's.  We were all so star-struck by the place because it looked so fancy compared to the trailers we were living in.  Come summer we would walk by every day hoping there were kids there to play with us, but alas, there were not, only an older couple who used the place for a summer home. It was one summer night, as I shared above, when we were walking from Dawn's, with a stop at Jennys', that we heard the words.  We all stopped. I mean, we hadn't heard anyone talk like that before and it sounded just as fancy as the house. Naturally, we had to investigate (a.k.a. be nosey)!

The grown-ups entertained us for a small bit, like any kind, fancy, and obviously proper adult would do.  I vaguely remember them telling us they were visiting their friends and didn't live around there, then me trying to talk like them - which I'm certain now was a rude thing for me to do, but I was just so enthralled.  (Honestly I still am.  Maybe that is why I love British television more than anything else...could be?! I digress.)  Then, in what seemed like a long while, but was more like a couple minutes, we were off again to relive our brush with "royalty".  Isn't it amazing what your childhood imagination can do for you?

Fast forward all these years and here I am, wishing I could go.  Knowing it will take a few years to save up the money to afford such a  trip, but also knowing there isn't anyone on this Earth I'd rather go there with than my Mr.   I'm quite thankful he, too, has an affinity for all things BBC and while I'm quite certain it is for vastly different reasons, it is something I wouldn't dream of sharing with anyone else.

So, there you have it, my one thing to do. So, I have to ask, what is yours?

Thanks for reading.

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