Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today's Random Thoughts

I had a thought process I wanted to take today, but I couldn't seem to get all the letters and words to come together in a coherent manner.  Therefore, what I will do instead is share today's random thoughts.  They are after all, another form of eloquent prose!

1. Sometimes the search for answers takes you outside of Google's boundaries.

2. Relationships require more than words.

3. Blood family makes for a strong bond; don't underestimate the power it holds.

4. You can still love a person despite the choices they have made.

5. If you want unconditional love this side of eternity; get a dog.

6. Children are one of God's way of saying; "I think you can!"

7. There are times when you have to put your own wants aside for the other person's needs.

8. When things don't seem to be going exactly like you think they should, make sure the motives aren't purely selfish.

9. Wishin' and hopin', thinkin' and dreamin' are great for a song, but when it comes down to brass tacks, prayer works best.

10. No matter how big the problem is; God is still bigger.

11. Sometimes it is ok to just let it go.

12. Asking for advice does not signify ineptness.

13.  If you don't ask; you may never know.

14. Mind reading only happens in comic books.

15. You are never alone; you just have to seek, knock, and ask.

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