Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Procrastination Station

When I was younger there was a cartoon of sorts on TV called School House Rock and I vaguely remember a little medley called "Conjunction Junction."  Perhaps I have two completely different memories overlapping each other, time will do that to you, you know.  memories have a way of redefining them selves into that thing that never was as real as the actual event.  That is why many people hold onto the past, they don't know how to escape the awesomeness of the memory that was created by the reality they wanted it to be.  Anyway, that is not the subject I wanted to rant about this morning.

I totally fell asleep like at 6pm yesterday.  Don't know why.  Just did.  Felt like a complete and utter waste of my time, but I am sure some internally profound person somewhere is saying, or will say "well you must have needed it."  And that brings me to my stop at Procrastination Station.  I have the first of my two finals tomorrow!  Yes I know!  I have so much to do to prepare for it.  Ugh... roughly 38.5 hours from now I will have to complete the worst class that I have ever had the displeasure of taking.  One would think that is a positive, oh, it is not.  I, have  never, though probably should have, ever studied or worked so hard in a class in my entire college life, and I have been going to college for far too long.  The prof was to have posted the grades as they stand by Monday so that we, as the the students, could opt for the weighted averages we prefer, and yet she had yet to do that.  Do I take the the safe route and go for the homework weighted average and come out of the class with a solid B or do I trust my studying and go for the final weighted average and hope for a low A?  These are the decisions that I don't want to be making in the last day prior to the final.  Alas, again due to the fantastic-ness of said professor I am being somewhat forced to do.

However, what I am beyond excited for is the fact that this is the last week of school.  There will  be two fewer trips into Fort Wayne each and every week; thankfully, with gas at $4.29/gal.  Nothing quite like the approx. $12.75 a day I spend to go to and from work each day then the additional $10 for the school leg of it, if I go straight from work, it is another $12.75 if I come home first.  Hubby and I figured it out yesterday, when gas gets to $5.00/gal which they, those ominous people who control it all, say will happen by Memorial day, we will each spend $75 a week just to drive to and from work!  Now that is, of course, only if my husband can return to full time status.  He is now on week 6 of his "new schedule."  Something tells me, if there isn't a change in the cost of gas, the "Great Recession" as it was coined, it going to come back in full force.  I love starting a Wednesday morning with Doomsday predictions.

With that, I better get ready for work. I have 15 minutes to finish getting around and start my trip into work.  Eek...better quit procrastinating!

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