Monday, May 30, 2011

I Have Nothing To Say

I know, that is astonishing.  However, it is quite true.  This month is proving to be far worse than last in regards to the number of posts I have made, but yet it seems there is nothing, well, blog worthy going on in my life.  Or is it that there is and I don't have the words enough to say it.  Nah, it is rather the former than the later.  I have kept myself busy with doing quite a bit of canning.  Trying new recipes and playing with various ingredients.  Who would have thought that as little as 5 years ago, I would have ever found myself enjoying all things this domesticated?!  In some sense, I find I rather enjoy this far greater than scrapbooking; which, is rather disturbing considering the amount of money that I have tied up into it!

I am 41 books into my goal of 150 for this year and am a bit concerned about my ability to reach it.  It is a rather aggressive goal, and one that takes quite a bit of time to complete.  You may have noticed that I removed the step tracker that just a few months ago I was so excited to talk about.  Well, you see, I simply lost track of keeping track!  So, with 109 books to go that means I have to read roughly 18.2 books a month or a book every day and a half...eeekkk...looks like I will have a failed goal going into 2012.  Honestly though, it is one that I think I may be able to live with!

There is only one day left in the month of May.  That brings us to June, which has many possibilities, and of course the greatest personal day of the birthday!  Then to July, my anniversary and then August, the kids going back to school.  I can't believe they have only 7 days left, and this only because of snow make up days.  In fact there last day would have been this past Friday.  I think though, that my hubby is quite glad for the will give him a few more kid free days during his layoff!

Back to the book I just finished.  It is called "His Wicked Kiss" by Gaelen Foley.   This is the first book by this author that I have read.  I found it deeply engrossing and quite fast read, if that can be said for a 431 page book!  (It took me a day and a half to complete - obviously I didn't read straight through!)  I may have to pick up a few more of her books in the near future.  There are a few books that I really want to read this summer; for starters, Colin Powell's book on leadership and George Bush's Decision Points.  Say what you must, but I really liked his stance on social topics.  Anyway, I'm not going to get into politics at this juncture; it isn't the time or place.  That said, I must admit to my disappointment that Mitch Daniels didn't put his name in for a presidential bid.  He has done a fantastic job in Indiana.

Well, it appears for having nothing to say I have quite effectively prattled on about a lot of nothingness, but the word does seem to describe itself, does it not?  So off to slumber land I will go, trying hard not to die from this horridly high heat...I really wish I could relocate to Alaska in the summers!

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